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Buildings that are making their mark on the year

Everybody is fond of innovation and improvements that are taking place in the country on a big scale. As the time passes by, we see new and better advancements taking…

The next-gen Microsoft surface Hub to emerge with super cool features

If you wonder what the Microsoft surface hub is about; you need to go back to 2015 when Microsoft launched its first version of digital whiteboard, a high end conference-room…

5 Most extraordinary gadgets for expecting moms and their tiny tots

Motherhood is the greatest gift of the Almighty bestowed upon a woman. The transition from being a woman to being a mother is extremely exciting yet it brings along a…

Suspended Night club complies elegantly with compact Hong Kong planning

You must have seen a lot of buildings, but the Suspended Night Club in Hong Kong will definitely leave you wheezing. The architectural marvel has been proposed by a young architectural studio named Urbanplunger and will not rise from the ground like ot

10 robotic sculptures that’ll surely amaze you

Robots are the future of the world. Everywhere, one can see applications conducted by an automated system or a robot, both of which act as predecessors of the much advanced robots of the future. This, however, has not stopped people from coming up with in

Agro-Housing, a modern housing concept with a vertical greenhouse

Designers from Israel based Knafo Klimor Architects, David Knafo and Tagit Klimor, have come up with the Agro-Housing that is a prefab concept. This modern housing solution will unfurl sustainable urban communities that will skillfully address problems th

You’ll have to spend five years in gym to lift this Goliathon Steampunk Nerf Gun

It may not be anything more than a mere toy, but this modded Nerf Vulcan Blaster called the Goliathon is on heck of a deadly (looking) weapon. Fitted with all the embellishments essential to a Steampunk mod, the Goliathon apparently packs in all the ponie

4 Antique Objects That Can Add Greater Style to Your Home

In the modern day of flatpack furniture and mass-produced goods, it can be difficult to find that unique bit of flair that can help separate your living space from everybody…

Guipo lets visually impaired athletes sprint without a guide runner

The concept Not having the sense of sight can be one of the most traumatic experiences in life that makes it very difficult to lead a normal life. The trauma is even more magnified for athletes and runner who have to depend on guides to help them compete

Beijing Design Week 2013

Beijing Design Week is an annual event in collaboration with a Chinese design institute. Beijing Design Week 2013 (BJDW 2013), since it’s started as a pilot project in 2009, has rapidly grown into…

A Ceramic Renaissance in Jiangxi

It was 2,000-year-old ceramics industry that put this Jiangxi province town on the world map and may have given China, the country, its name. Ceramic artists from all over the mainland…

Map your escape route amidst billowing smoke with the ‘Arrow’

It is very difficult to carry out rescue operations in places that are swamped with gas and smoke. Not only are you choking badly, but finding your way out of the smoky muddle is quite tricky. You cannot see clearly, hence charting the way out of the c

Exceptional Artworks of the Year 2014

This article is purely for those who have a strong passion and desire to admire and appreciate art works. Here are five exclusive art inspired works displayed at the Coachella…

Infiniti Interactive Mirrors make ordinary showroom displays look Paleolithic

Created for automaker Infiniti’s booth at the Detroit Auto Show, the Infiniti Interactive Mirrors is a system of unique interactive mirror displays. The project was developed and designed by Nikolai Cornell in collaboration with Phil van Allen, The Desi

Elliot gives an artistic lease of life to plastic Coke crates

Coca Cola is one of the favorite beverages and has managed to pamper our taste buds for years at a stretch. The fizzy cola comes packed in a curvy bottle, which is further distributed to various places in red colored plastic crates. Each year thousands of

Steampunk Solar Nightlight: Ergonomic design coupled with vintage style

One of the rare aspect of design and art is reusability. Not every artist can work conveniently with discarded materials and turn them into something useful. It does take a special skill and imagination to turn the unwanted into the usable. The Steampunk

5 top designs picks for lampshades 2013

Lampshades are a requirement for every well decorated and designed home. The correct lampshades provide an ambience suited to the mood of the room, the atmosphere you want to convey…

Walker concepts designed to add convenience to lives of the elderly

We are living in a world where everyone is busy with his or her own life. One of the difficult challenges we come across is taking care of our elders.…