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"Urban Future" envisions safe streets for vehicles and pedestrians alike

The ConceptThe concept is highly futuristic that will need at least 20-25 years to execute, even by optimistic estimates. The idea is to have a street that interacts with cars, travelers and the pedestrians in a manner so that there is no further need of

Record me: A personalized way to digitize your notes

Does it happen that you sometimes have to suddenly go out of the house and there is no choice except to leave a note to tell your wife or husband about it? Or, does it happen that you need to urgently explain something to one of your team members at work,

BUFO is a solar powered cleaner for your pool

Pools require periodical and intensive maintenance. Keeping all the requirements for cleaning in mind, Industrial and interaction designer Shaofei Xu has crafted a clever gadget. After studying various concepts as well as theories and also after analyzing

Introduction to design thinking

Design thinking is growing in popularity and is one of the most popular buzzwords in the design world. What is design thinking? The answer to this question is indeed the…

Five most popular Vending Machines you should know of

The first vending machine was built in England during 1880s for dispensing post cards. However, with the passage of time, they can now perform several other functions as well. Vending…

Five cool and happening submarines

From being an important weapon in the warfare to delivering weapons, submarines are very important in providing security to many nations of the world. They are one of the important…

SunBloc by HelioMet has an eco conscious design that runs on solar energy

This design, by a team at London Metropolitan University, is quite remarkable. The team known as HelioMet comprises students from the Department of Architecture and Spatial Design at the university. The masterpiece crafted by them is designated SunBloc. W

Net Zero Energy: High performance school replicating sustainability

Sustainable buildings are the need of the future and various designers around the world have been coming up with various such innovative designs replicating sustainability. Such an example is this Net Zero Energy (NZE), a prototype of high performance sch

Prefabricated Eco PERCH treehouse offer four guests a low impact hideaway

UK-based architectural firm Blue Forest is the brains behind this eco-lodge concept which is more of a private backyard hideaway than a for-hire modern modular tree-house. Dubbed the Eco-PERCH, the luxury treehouse takes the outdoor setting and marries it

POPI: An umbrella that can be stored in its handle even when wet

Max Battaglia has come up with an umbrella named POPI that vows to protect you from rainfall and harsh sun rays. Apart from the protection it provides, the new age umbrella will solve all issues that crop up while using foldable umbrellas. POPI will unfur

Efficient shelter designs to make disasters less disastrous

Only a disaster struck person knows the importance of an emergency shelter. Nature has given us the best of facilities but sometimes nature takes everything back and leaves people to…

Five amazing skyscrapers of the Middle East

The Arabs are known for petroleum, dry fruits and great fruits, and what they are also know for is the skyscraper that dot the landscape and keep the viewer spell-bound.…

Outlandish and weird architectural structures that dot the world

Some outlandish architectural structures exist worldwide to make us wonder at the inspiration that led architects into designing such offbeat structures. Following is a list of such strange architecture pieces…

Pioneering skyscrapers that we will see in the future

With the moving world and changing technologies we are able to see many of the spectacular innovations that would have earlier been consigned to fantasy. These innovations have made our…

Oral Care Motivator Device helps you stick to your flossing routine

It’s a well known fact that no one likes going to the dentist and very few of us actually follow the “brush and floss twice a day” routine prescribed to us. However, if you are one of those rare few who actually take their oral hygiene seriously but

Cardboard bicycle – Revolutionizing the modern transportation world

The developed and the developing cities have been witnessing a rise in the levels of pollution in the atmosphere with increasing motor vehicles. This has made the environmentalist and the…

Unusual yet fascinating chair designs

In the past, chairs were none less than a symbol of dignity, but now, they serve as an ordinary piece of furniture to which no one pays attention. Today, many…

Stool 3T3 – The pleasures of riding a bicycle at home

Stools are common household products found in each and every house. But can you imagine a stool that has a bicycle’s seat attached to it? Yes, this can be possible…