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by sanket nagulpalli

Compost bins go stylish for the modern home

Compost bins and trashcans help us keep our home neat and hygienic. On the other hand, we also know that they are so dirty that nobody wants to touch them.…

Housing of the people, for the people, by the people

Natto’s mission is to provide future generations with an entirely new outlook on housing and lifestyle which aims to break free from the shackles of contemporary housing and traditional carry forwards. “Egalitarian” or classless is the chief appeal

Modern Ideas with Portico

The portico idea is very loveable. What is a portico? A portico is the Italian name for a porch which leads to the entrance of the building.This type of design…

Ceiling designs for your home

You will all agree that a lot goes into constructing and then decorating a home of your own. It so happens that people around the world are simply more concerned…

Five narrowest houses across the world

The ingenuity of design minded residents and architects is often portrayed in designs for abodes with less than sufficient square footage. Giving up both the luxury living and space more…

10 modern beach homes to enjoy rich, healthy coastal life

We all love our home. The name home is given to the place where we live and a home is dependent on many factors including environment, politics, weather, economy, history, infrastructure, etc. We should choose our place to live after carefully consider

Five astonishing tiny home designs

With the shrinking family sizes and on the contrary growing size of family homes, small houses have specially gained attention because of their being eco friendly, affordable and easy to…

Five most adorable houses that used to be something entirely different

We usually put a lot of effort in constructing the house of our dream. We try using various new designs and styles to make it the best and unique from…

Do the contractors offer some free home improvements to its customers?

If I get some major home improvements job and some contemporary product design, get done at my place do you think they will not charge for the trivial jobs here and there that I need them to do. I am just curious about it. Do the contractors offer some fr

House of hope for the vagrant people of Haiti

The continuous environmental havoc of Haiti has brought lots of pain and suffering and has left people homeless. Homes are completely wrecked and the worst part is that there is no infrastructure to rebuild the lost. Though many rehabilitation programs ha

10 Factors to think about when remodeling your kitchen

Thinking of turning your kitchen into a new classy one this year? But have you considered those factors that are vital for starting a kitchen remodeling project? If not then…

Astroturf wrapped ‘Quirky House’ compliments its natural surroundings

Using space efficiently is a huge challenge and most of the structures springing up are focusing on vertical expansion or adding plantation around the house. Along with construction activities to accommodate the burgeoning human population, one should als

Micro-living: small on space but big on ideas

The previous concept of living in big houses is gradually diminishing. In today’s world where population is increasing day by day and the city is getting more and more crowded,…

GABE provides instant shelter to the homeless in crisis

Zoe Axelrod, a US based environmental designer has come up with an innovative idea to provide shelter relief to people in emergency situations. The project has been named as GABE and was designed for a mock disaster in Mexico city. The project is highly a

The art of designing luxury model apartments

The history of model homes can be traced back to the 1950s when the advent of suburbs had just begun. Most of you must be aware with the concept of…

Bubble homes offer a sparkling retreat to modern nomads

With innovative creations and constructions going on all around the world, designers are coming up with novel ideas and sustainable designs for luxurious living. Everyone loves camping and traveling but the fear of wild animals, unfamiliar province an

5 Unique washbasin designs that transform your home

Thinking of doing that something extra to make your home décor stand out? Well, let’s start with the room that most often than not, tends to get neglected to featuring…

Stunning small houses that received AIA Award

The resources of our world are limited but the population is increasing every year. As a result, it has become necessary to create habitable structures using minimum resources yet make…