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Urinal that lets your creative manforce find canvas

Almost everyone on the face of the earth like to use their alone time while, er, relieving themselves, to do some serious thinking. Though magazines have been a popular source of entertainment for anyone sitting on the loo, people visiting public urinals

12 Futuristic Concepts

Many a times it happens that we have very wild and unique thoughts in our mind but due to lack of knowledge and resources we can’t fulfil it. But some…

Unique and creative tree houses to nestle you in comfort

People have used tree houses since the term ‘shelter’ actually came into existence. Tree houses are beautiful, comforting and the perfect way to stay close to nature. But currently, not…

Library for surveying human senses has a crushed down oddball design

The story behind this edifice that looks like a gigantic icy crystalline structure which has been frozen solid in its craggy form does have a punch. Justin Rosenberry was really thinking out of the box when he got the proposal to convert an industrial she

The next-gen Microsoft surface Hub to emerge with super cool features

If you wonder what the Microsoft surface hub is about; you need to go back to 2015 when Microsoft launched its first version of digital whiteboard, a high end conference-room…

Pneumatic Water Transport Piers harvests solar energy and rainwater

The concept The Thessaloniki Water Transport piers in Greece won the national architecture design competition. It consists of four piers named as Eleutheria Square, Perea, Megaro and Aretsou. These are designed keeping in mind the three basics of having

Suspended Night club complies elegantly with compact Hong Kong planning

You must have seen a lot of buildings, but the Suspended Night Club in Hong Kong will definitely leave you wheezing. The architectural marvel has been proposed by a young architectural studio named Urbanplunger and will not rise from the ground like ot

Unique and versatile racks and magazine holders

One of the simplest and easiest ways of organizing piles of magazines and newspapers at homes or offices that is threatening in toppling over is via organizing these in magazine…

Remarkable examples of lightweight house construction

We do not come across a lightweight house that has qualities like being sturdy, compact, efficient, and low-impact very often. Here are five amazing designs of lightweight houses that are…

Floating Olympic Lanes to ease traffic congestion during 2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympics is about to get another piece of recognition with plans to come up with Floating Olympic Lanes, which will be constructed on the very famous Thames River. The plan was unveiled by London Mayor Boris Johnson and has been designed by

Parkroyal on Pickering, a self sustaining structure with striking vertical gardens

WOHA, an architectural firm, has come up with an amazing design in the form of Parkroyal on Pickering that is located in central Singapore. The business hotel and office in a garden project comes wrapped in a lot of greenery that rises up in a vertical ma

SnowXu foldables: Snowshoes that can fold

Snowshoes remain an absolute necessity for the places that experience heavy snowfall. However, for most of the people these shoes are a burden owing to their huge size and heavy weight. Recently, James Page has come up with a new innovative version of sno

Lifesize replica of Noah’s Ark built by billionaire brothers is over 450ft long

Ancient texts are full of descriptions of incredible buildings and ships and vessels and even flying crafts that are often seen as the predecessors of modern inventions, though a few conspiracy theorists claim that aliens were behind the creations describ

Seven self-sufficient underwater structures

With the rise in sea level on account of climatic changes threatening coastal cities worldwide, need for underwater or floating architectures and cities is presently being felt more compared to ever before. Keeping in mind that water covers 71 percent of

Take your bike for a spin even at night with the Torch bicycle helmet

Enthusiastic bikers face quite a dilemma at times. How can you hit the road at night if your ride does not have lights? You might want to look at the T1 helmet if the situation sounds familiar to you. This helmet sports a bright light just above your fore

Attractive Bookshelf Designs

When you think about bookshelves, you normally tend to associate the word with drab old pieces of furniture which are more of an eyesore that need to be tucked away…

Have some Fun with these innovative bicycles

To be honest, I would have to admit that nothing is what it used to be like before. Everything around the world, living or non-living, non-living especially, is getting a…

Most beautiful and delicate ceramic speakers

Gone are the days of boring and big speakers that take up lots of space yet do not add value to your home décor. Try revamping your room décor by…