Library for surveying human senses has a crushed down oddball design

The story behind this edifice that looks like a gigantic icy crystalline structure which has been frozen solid in its craggy form does have a punch. Justin Rosenberry was really thinking out of the box when he got the proposal to convert an industrial she

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Lo Ruiter – the floating skateboard 1

Lo Ruiter – the floating skateboard

Joey Ruiter is an acclaimed industrial designer and a recent project that has added to his recognition is the Lo Ruiter Skateboard. The designer has …

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Stabilize your kid’s feet with ‘Safety Unstable’

Gone are the days when grandparents
use to teach their grandchildren how to walk holding their little fingers. It’s
a high tech age and every small gesture that was practiced in old days has been
upgraded by the technology. Early rider, a British compan

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Modular YBR Information Booth can be customized as per individual needs

Eliel Cabrera has designed the YBR Information Booth, which will act as an information point for a city. It will come tagged with a lot of modularity, which will further make sure that the booth can be flexibly customized as per individual needs. The simp

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Spectacular New Apple Store Design Unveiled

Apple is worth $560 billion because it knows how to sell them. It has stores in most states. In California it has nearly 60, including …

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Move over ding dong bell, the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell makes answering the door fun

Just like the “ring ring” call of the old telephone has been replaced by mp3 ringtones, the old “ding dong” of the doorbell too should be replaced by a custom mp3 audio file or a polyphonic tone. The MP3 DJ Doorbell lets users customize the boring

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iPhone powered electronic gTar promises to teach almost anyone how to play the instrument

“Perseverance, trial & error and walk before you run” are the kind of concepts that seem to be lost on people today who want instant gratification and don’t want to invest much time into learning how to play to an instrument the old-fashioned way. Even

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PierESCAPE, a contemporary destination with historic lineage

In order to protect Lake Michigan and promote economic growth, Martha Schwartz Partners and Davis Brody Bond of Aedas architects have come up with the PierESCAPE. The construction will prove to be a great recreational spot for the people of Chicago and al

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Multi-functional chair

Amazingly cool furniture designs that will knock you out

When you are fighting for space, even the smallest multi-functional idea can make a big difference. Well, it is time to think out of the …

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Flex mini cruiser makes skateboarding much more effortless

The Flex mini cruiser is a brand new skateboard that is crafted out of sustainable materials and offers users great comfort both on the street as well as dedicated parks and circuits. The board is created to offer users a more direct steering experience,

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Face slimmer 1

Unusual and suspiciously weird beauty gadgets

We all love looking great, no matter what time or the event. To achieve such look we make use of multiple beauty accessories and products …

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Washbasin by Jessie Verdonschot

Go stylishly unique bathrooms with these creative bowl sinks

If you are looking to design or redesign your bathroom, you can make it look special by adding a trendy bowl sinks. Various types of …

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