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Luxury high rise in Lima has condos with private pools and terrace gardens

If you want a spacious house, you don’t necessarily have to build a villa or farmhouse on a plot of land anymore. High rises are getting creative with their designs and using space innovatively. Condos in a lofty building have terraces, roomy balconies,

PierESCAPE, a contemporary destination with historic lineage

In order to protect Lake Michigan and promote economic growth, Martha Schwartz Partners and Davis Brody Bond of Aedas architects have come up with the PierESCAPE. The construction will prove to be a great recreational spot for the people of Chicago and al

Prefabricated Eco PERCH treehouse offer four guests a low impact hideaway

UK-based architectural firm Blue Forest is the brains behind this eco-lodge concept which is more of a private backyard hideaway than a for-hire modern modular tree-house. Dubbed the Eco-PERCH, the luxury treehouse takes the outdoor setting and marries it

Read These 7 Boring Books To Beat Insomnia Tonight

Insomnia – the word we would’ve loved as kids and hate as adults. Sleep deprivation sometimes feels like a curse – we get it. But who said insomnia can’t be…

Unique and versatile racks and magazine holders

One of the simplest and easiest ways of organizing piles of magazines and newspapers at homes or offices that is threatening in toppling over is via organizing these in magazine…

Stockholm Waterfront to win hearts with its undulating form

The much anticipated Stockholm Waterfront, a Congress Center situated in Stockholm, Sweden, was recently completed by the White Arkitekter. The awesomely constructed Congress Center lies adjacent to the Central station and along the Riddarfjarden Bay.

Unusual yet fascinating chair designs

In the past, chairs were none less than a symbol of dignity, but now, they serve as an ordinary piece of furniture to which no one pays attention. Today, many…

Greek Goddess of the Dawn brought to life in stunning metallic sculpture

If you’re a sucker for scary metallic sculptures based on ancient mythology, then you’re going to simply love this awesome Eos sculpture created by Corey Collins a metal artist. Eos is the Greek goddess of daybreak or dawn though the sculpture is dist

Sleek T2 Light to brighten up your dwellings in a magnificent way

Brighten up your dwellings in a truly magnificent way with the T2 Light by Joel Seetoh. The lamp has been crafted in a sleek manner, which will blend perfectly with a contemporary setup. It will flip the overall charm of the space with the twist and twirl

Towering gateway with a five star hotel for Ras Al Khaimah

The entrance to any statuesque and deluxe city should be grand and that is exactly what the tall tower proposed at Ras Al Khaimah will do. The towering high rise being planned at the entrance of this city will have a sleek design featuring straight lines

Top fresh designs for an outdoor grill

During summers, everyone enjoys spending time outside in cool breeze with family and friends, and preparing meal outdoor with appliances such as barbecue. Traditional cooking styles are now replaced by…

Seven best sustainable homes in the Solar Decathalon 2011

Teams of students from around the world have constructed these stunning, energy-efficient homes at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C for Solar Decthalon 2011. Let’s take a look at the seven best sustainable homes in the Solar De

Four award winning structural designs

The profession of an architect involves a lot of dexterity and creativity at planning and sketching impressive architectural wonders.  For an architect, it is important for the creativity and innovation…

The restaurant of the earthly delights

The building at 31 Flinders Street in Melbourne
is soon to be transformed into an astonishing restaurant that will provide
visitors with more than just good food. The
ideas that went into creating the design for this restaurant have been inspired
by earli

The Invisible Bridge of RO&AD Architects

What if you could ‘walk’ through water like Moses did? Well, the RO&AD architects from Belgium and Netherlands have come up with an unconventional bridge that apparently almost lets you walk through water. Officially called the ‘Mose bridge’, this bridge

Beautifully intricate expanding lamp is simply timeless

Expanding sphere toys have become very popular with kids of all ages and even adults find them quite entertaining to tinker with for some time. These often end up as…

The art of designing luxury model apartments

The history of model homes can be traced back to the 1950s when the advent of suburbs had just begun. Most of you must be aware with the concept of…

Top rumours from top makers – What Is True and what isn’t

In an already saturated cell phone market, it is important that the established companies or the ones that wish to be so pre-announce the release of their products so as…