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As one of the most prominent and revered plays of all time, Les Misérables undoubtedly has the music to pack a punch.

Attendees the world over have fallen in love with the score of this renowned title. The musical numbers will elate you and make you cry in equal measure.

Let’s look at some of the most well-known songs from Les Mis and detail why we like them as much as we do.

Erin – One Day More

As Act One reaches its climax with this masterful, you would think you’re near the end of the show instead of having lots more to come!

As the performers sing different lines but creatively in unison, you won’t be surprised if the audience around you bursts helplessly into raptures at this one. 

Milly – I Dreamed A Dream

Yes, everybody knows I Dreamed A Dream – and for good reason. The song has been covered on numerous occasions and has even spawned greatness for one of Britain’s modern-day icons.

Don’t expect there to be a dry eye in the house as this solo hit is belted out by Fantine in the first act. You’d be forgiven for stepping through the doors of the Sondheim Theatre for this one alone.

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Tony – Master Of The House

What makes Les Misérables so impactful is that, amongst the heartbreak and tragedy unfolding, a light-hearted song like this is thrown in to spur the audience on and keep them on their toes, frankly.

It’s fun, amusing, and a change of pace from most other songs on display. No doubt it’ll have you laughing and clapping along. 

Kitty – On My Own

The orchestrated passion among the talented West End cast is something to behold, but this song must be done right to pull at your heartstrings.

It’s another sad song that epitomises the dramatic swing of emotions you’ll feel and see on stage throughout the performance.

Kayley – Do You Hear The People Sing?

There are emotional and downright sad, songs in this list. While they’re magical in their own right, let’s end with something that can be considered inspiring.

As the backdrop of the storyline is set in the days of the French Revolution, this number signifies the willpower and strength the ordinary person has when they come together.

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