How to Inspect a Vehicle When You’re in Leiebil Tenerife

Inspect a Vehicle When You’re inLeiebil Tenerife

The climate of eternal spring that reigns in the Canary Islands makes them an ideal place to visit all year round. If you plan to go on a tour around Tenerife on your own, you should rent a car on the island. The roads are solid, and parking is free everywhere on the island, except in the shops of large shopping centers.

Self-driving on Tenerife will help you get to know this Spanish island best. Also, it will allow you to make a plan of stay and the places you want to visit. That is why renting a car is the best thing you can do after arriving on this paradise island. Here’s the list of popular Tenerife drives.

And to avoid certain inconveniences, experts suggest checking the vehicle’s condition before taking it from the agency’s garage. Keep in mind that the car you are renting may not be in perfect condition. So it’s imperative to do some inspections before driving it off.

1. Look for Visible Damage

Rental cars wear out quickly, given many kilometers and the different drivers who use them. So before driving the vehicle off, you should check its exterior for scratches, dents, signs of rust, and other types of damage. If you’re on a budget, you really shouldn’t expect a perfectly new four-wheeler but don’t accept those with visible exterior damage. Don’t forget to take pictures of any damages.

Take a moment to check the interior, too. See if there are any odors or strange sounds. Make sure to note torn or dirty upholstery. Keep for the record that stains and rips were there when you took a car to avoid cleaning fees. You can drive off if you don’t mind these, but you don’t have to. An agency should offer a replacement vehicle if you’re unhappy with a current one.

2. Check Additional Gear

Before driving off to your Tenerife adventure, it’s crucial to read  and do a thorough car check. The inspection includes gear, too. See if there are warning triangles, a fluorescent jacket, and a first-aid kit. Make sure to inspect the rims and the tires, as well as the spare tire and the jack. If you have any problems with the car, be sure to report them right away.

3. Take a Look at Dashboard

person showing car keys

You should also check the fluid levels, mileage, lights, and headlamps. Reputable rental companies should do annual maintenance for their vehicle, but don’t rely on that. A copy of the owner’s manual is an excellent way to document any damages, so don’t forget to ask for it!

4. Read Fine Print

Before driving the rental car off, you must read the lease agreement carefully. The terms and conditions should be clear. See who pays for cleaning, whether the tank should be full when dropping off, etc. An agency can fill up the tank for you, but that is usually a costlier option than doing it yourself.

See what’s included in your insurance, and purchase an additional policy if necessary for full coverage. If you don’t understand rental terms, ask an agent for an explanation. Tenerife car agencies hire English-speaking agents so that you won’t have problems clarifying any issue.

5. Prepare for a Comfy Ride

Before driving off the rental lot, you should inspect the car for damages and prepare it for a ride. Many people have probably driven that vehicle before you, so you have to adjust it yourself. Make sure the car is seated properly. Adjust wheel proximity and height and belt length, check brake function and AC.

Start the car at the agency’s lot and wait for a minute. See if there are any warning lamps on the dashboard. Write down mileage if you rent a vehicle with limited mileage. Do the same with the fuel amount as there’s no need to pay for something you didn’t use.

Once you sign the rental agreement with a Tenerife agency, you become liable for everything that happens to a vehicle. But you really shouldn’t pay for something you didn’t do. The inspection won’t take too long, and it can save you a lot of money. So call a rental agent to inspect the vehicle with you and get started.

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