MORPHotel looks like a human vertebral spine


There are a lot of hotels that manage to leave an everlasting impression with the way they are constructed. The architectural marvels force people to drop their jaws in surprise and savor the uniqueness they come wrapped in. Joining the league is the MORPHotel, which will leave you awestruck with its beauty. The amazing project is a brainchild of Gianluca Santosuosso who is an ex student of IAAC. Santosuosso came up with the concept when he was a part of the MAA Self Sufficient Buildings Development Studio that was directed by Willy Muller.

The breathtaking hotel will be formed by assembling mobile habitable units. These units can navigate the sea just like cruise ship and will be easily able to adjust as per the weather conditions and the shape of the site. The structure is linear and has a heavy resemblance with the human vertebral spine. Just like the spine even this structure will have a lot of suppleness and the various units can be assembled in a flexible manner. The main vertebra will consist of the reception, catering services and the overall administration. On the other hand, the two extreme ends will consist of hotel rooms which will help customers relax and beat stress. They look like capsules that have been fixed to the spine of an organism and will be an ultimate call of luxury and comfort.

The sumptuous rooms will range from glass rooms that will be at the same height as the water level to independent luxury rooms that can function as a boat and move around. The hotel can morph from one form to other in a wink. It will let explore different parts of the world by stopping for a period of time in various cities. MORPHotel will not move very fast like a cruise ship and will unfurl an opportunity to relish the surroundings in a truly exceptional way.

Via: Evolo

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