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New Taipei City Museum of Art features moveable galleries

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New Taipei City Museum of Art

Art Galleries put on show captivating pieces of art, which leave people in a state of surprise. Designers Arash Pouresmaeil, Jafar Bazzaz and Kamal Youssefpoor from PA or Process-based Architecture Studio took the purpose of these galleries/museums’ way too seriously and came up with a proposal for the New Taipei City Museum of Art. The proposed structure will prove to be an architectural marvel that will leave visitors awestruck.

The uniquely designed building has been shaped like a cube which will stand with panache on an urban plaza. Usually buildings have different floors that are used for various purposes, but this design won’t feature any floors. The inside space of this museum will be well integrated and will comprise of several galleries that will be moveable. The outside walls of this attention-grabbing gallery can also be exploited to display art works. The galleries can effortlessly move both vertically (up and down) and horizontally (left and right). This will change the overall appearance depending on the position of these galleries, which will give birth to various shapes.

The inside and outside of this exceptional museum will get a lively space, which will be produced by the way these galleries will be fashioned. The moveable galleries can easily cross the outside wall of the building and can become a part of the urban space. This will help create a truly dramatic effect which will leave both visitors and onlookers impressed. The space can be altered depending on the kind of event. The exterior walls will get as much importance as the inside walls for displaying art works. The building will shower a spatial experience, thanks to the presence of moveable galleries. All the events that take place at New Taipei City Museum of Art will get a unique arrangement that will explore spaces beyond the four walls of this building.

Via: Archdaily

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