Liquid Building born out of bubbles

Liquid Building

Combining innovative design with eco friendly structuring, designer Mohsen Marizad has come up with a Liquid Building that is based on the theme of fluidity. The entire building is a collection of independent units like liquid bubbles. These bubbles are of similar functionality and they float towards one another creating the illusion of a liquid or fluidity from which the entire structure is derived.

The whole idea and the subsequent design is the result of the initiatives taken by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Mohsen Marizad himself is a part of the Emergent Territories course run by the institute with the aim of providing the right environment to motivate and sustain such innovation. Three basic elements, i. e. strict adherence to all the parameters and specifications of the Barcelona building standard, following the parameters and guidelines of the program and compatibility with the environment, serves as the guiding principles for the design of the building.

The design of the building consists of a flower like arrangement, which works on the principle of interaction with intelligent skin system. The main function of the flower arrangement is to provide rainwater collection and structural reinforcements. The intelligent skin system is sensitive to change with the environmental circumstances. The pores or opening in the skin rood are modeled in such a way that they adapt to any kind of seasonal change. The Liquid Building also consists of a central courtyard to make up for the light deficit.

The only failure in implementation was the lack of space to house all the predicted functions, as a result only one third of the functions could be installed. This had a negative impact on the rest of the connectivity. The design solution for the problem was achieved through the effective use of green spaces. These green spaces are placed in such a way that they propel interactivity across levels, structural units and public spaces.

Via: eVolo

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