OODA wins proposal for new Taipei Museum of Art

OODA Taipei city museum of art

A Portugal based architectural design organization OODA has received recognition for its groundbreaking proposal on “New Taipei city museum of art international competition.” The whole point behind the initiative is to construct a memorable building for the population of the urban center. The remarkable design which has stunned the people world over will soon be a landmark museum in Taipei, Taiwan. OODA inherently is an organization committed to innovative ideas and projects.

The basic form of the museum consists of two instantly recognizable hyper cubes. From the outset, it looks like a right angled cube, suspended inside a huge contorted volumetric box. What adds wonder and depth to the design is its visitor centric customizations. The building would be designed in such a way that the visitors would have to go under the arched exterior to get into the museum. The entry will be through the centralized elevator core.

The museum consists of numerous galleries situated in a precise order to compliment the shifting interior around the center of art resource. The galleries are designed in such a way that they form a continuous perimeter ramp. The whole array of galleries end up in a sought of upward spiral.

The administrative spaces are present at the highest level, whereas the children’s museum is situated in the below grade. The intersections within the inner form are carved in such a way that those give way to continuous steel elements that are inclined from one corner to another, strengthening and supporting the whole structure. The design is one of its kinds in many ways. The central glass curvature creates room for water storage, integrated solar panels and functional ventilating windows. The museum design also leaves ample space for forestation. Approximately 750 – 1250 different kinds of trees will be planted in the areas right next to the building. The emphasis on green policies is in strict adherence to local rules and regulations.

Via: Designboom

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