Futuro Prefab: Space Age home to suit the lifestyle of modern nomads

Futuro Prefab

You would have made plans to design a unique, innovative and stylish living place for yourself. But have you ever thought of a structure that is as flexible and mobile as you are, and that could give you a heavenly feel as you stay inside? Yes, Futuro Prefab is one such accommodation that fulfills these imaginations, while providing you a very different experience as if you are entering a flying saucer! Just think if you could own and permanently live in this flying saucer! It is a creative concept house in the shape of a spaceship. The Futuro Prefab is a 1960s-style house but is completely movable to suit the shifting lifestyle of a modern nomad!

This spaceship house was conceptualized in 1968 when technology and space exploration were at a booming phase. The Futuro House, created by Finnish designer Matti Suuronen, was intended to act like a modular ski cabin that could be assembled and disassembled with minimum fuss in rough terrains. Recently landed in the Rotterdam’s Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, this future space-age dwelling is 10 feet in height and 26 feet in diameter.

The Futuro Prefab has an entrance like an airplane hatch, which may give you an amazing experience of entering your private airplane. Matti Suuronen selected a round airship design, as it would be strong as well as spacious. The walls of the house are constructed using the lightweight material of polyester plastic that is fiberglass-reinforced. Being lightweight, this house may easily be transported elsewhere and also remains well-insulated. The spaceship house can accommodate up to eight adults, while offering comfort through facilities, including a living room, bathroom and kitchen. The house also has a fireplace and some bed chairs so you may relax in a soothing environment around.

This spaceship house has made mobile living a reality and the house would now follow wherever you go. The not-so-good fact about these houses is that their production, after 1972’s oil crisis, was shut down due to tripled price of plastic. There were only about 100 models that could be built till that time, and presently just half of the number is expected to be in good shape. Owners of such houses may be difficult to track now, but, in Wisconsin, one of these houses was heard to be available for putting on rent! So, you should not lose hope that you could someday be a proud inhabitant of one such Futuro Prefab house!

Via: Inhabitat

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