Greenland Zhengzhou Towers rise high in perfection

Greenland Zhengzhou Towers

The human mind is an object that has been wonderfully blessed by God in a context that is very uncommon among the other living objects that exist on the earth. And that is the power of imagination. Another such extraordinary and exciting result of the imagination of three masterminds is the image that you see above. What you see is an overview of the design of two extraordinarily remarkable towers – the Greenland Zhengzhou towers. The three persons who deserve a pat on their back along with admiration for designing such a wonderful project are Brininstool, Kerwin and Lynch. They designed the Greenland Zhengzhou towers in 2010 and presented a unique combination of the historical richness of Zhengzhou and the innovation of the present world.

The Zhengzhou towers are expected to cover an area of 6.5 million square feet and thus present an opportunity to involve the project in a multi-purpose ideology including a space for an office and also a five star hotel that would be situated on the top floor of the shorter tower. The designing team consisting of the trio focused on designing of a complex that included the luxury hotels as well as gardens for meditation and outdoor terraces. The luxury hotels would provide all the basic facilities like spa, fitness centers and playing rooms etc.

The towers are built on the ideology of the glazed curtain wall system. In addition to it, the materials that are used in the construction are reinforced concrete and steel. The frame is featured with two variants of glass( low-e vision glass and opaque spandrel glass) and metal scrims. The concept of sustainability has also been taken care of while designing the project with the additional feature of light shelf usage.

Initially, the project laid more stress on capturing of the sunlight and thus saving energy. It provides with a beautiful view of Zhengzhou and thus mesmerizes you with its structure and positioning. This structure can be rightly termed as a truly unique combination of style, innovation and fascination. You should always hope for the best and the hope that you can cultivate right now is that this project gets converted into reality soon. The trio, nicknamed as BKL might also be hoping for the same, we guess.

Via: ArchDaily

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