Stockholm Waterfront to win hearts with its undulating form

The much anticipated Stockholm Waterfront, a Congress Center situated in Stockholm, Sweden, was recently completed by the White Arkitekter. The awesomely constructed Congress Center lies adjacent to the Central station and along the Riddarfjarden Bay. The site is an ideal location because it has a great exposure and is quite noticeable as thousands of trains as well as passengers pass from there every day.

Stockholm Waterfront

The Stockholm Waterfront by White Arkitekter has an undulating and layered form, which is a great blend between the new business district as well as the historic city center. The fine combination of intersecting volumes accounts for an eye catching appeal. It has been smothered with reflective stainless steel strips, making it all the more attractive. The amazing design comprises of three separate buildings, which comprises of an office building, a 400 room hotel and a congress and concert section, which is very near to the water. The triangle shaped space did not allow coming up with a congress hall that can seat 3000 people or a 2000 seat dining room. To solve this, dual use spaces were created that have moveable seating options.

Apart from this, a major part of the conference hall remains suspended in air as it extends out of the basic frame of the structure. Such a construction looks like a large canopy that has been placed over the entrance. Cinema style seating in the lower section of the conference hall can accommodate 1500 people. The upper section of the hall also seats 1500 people and is like a free flowing structure that will easily intermingle with all the movement around the construction. The best part being, this part of the conference hall can be split into two different halls whenever required.

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