Fantasy & Fiction are the types of writing in which anything can go on, till the writer don’t pause it and since these types are the unit of a great story. Anything can go does not mean fantasy writing is out of rules, there are loads of guidelines that are unexpressed. Frequently, shattering the guidelines is a particular way to say an absolutely incredible story, but it doesn’t mean that you have to break the rules. You can compose brilliant fiction stories at the same time following all the guidelines.

Here are some rules to consider while writing fiction & fantasy stories.

  • Magic System All Around:FANTASY-FICTION-WRITERThis is the only factor by which authors can write fantasy fictions that sets it apart from other genres. Authors must create some magic while writing a fantasy story. But do we exactly know what the ‘fantasy is? In a nutshell, magic in fantasy writing means the things that don’t exist in real life, it can only happen in imagination. Mostly, the things with no ground in real life can be treated as magic. An ingenious story can make a mark of difference among your readers. To grab an opinion of what establishes a well-rounded magic, have a look at novels established by famous fantasy writers.
  • Cast Complex Characters:In any novel, usually fantasy fiction characters are the main parts by which readers get interested in the story. Fantasy authors must consider complex characters, setting and magic system to engage and intrigue their readers because it’s up to you to cast several characters as per your novel series demand. This allows excitement and distinctiveness in a story, helping regular readers interest on a collective range of books. Despite, to hone target and strengthen reader interest, you must acknowledge one main exceptional character who will be the best part of the story to attract readers’ affection.
  • Focal Conflict:thinkingEvery great story has a conflict. Specifically, this is a genuine point in fantasy faction, where the story posts are usually above for your novel characters and the fantasy mostly bridges beyond various books in a novel series. You need to analyze some conflicts for your fantasy stories like internal conflicts inspired by your story characters, scaled-down conflict experienced amidst your casts. Huge conflicts, in which your casts are up across an energetic outer strength.

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