10 treehouse designs for commercial purposes

Treehouses are the ultimate dreams and fantasies that everyone has had since childhood. We think of treehouses and a solid wooden structure atop trees comes to our minds instantly, a place where people used to stay in order to protect thems

Black & Decker Orb-It: A cordless and lightweight Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have always been associated
with a hefty size and ugly wires. Cleaning the house with one means pulling and
pushing it all around, which can leave anyone exhausted. But, the heavy image
is about to get swapped with a light and portable o

Black & Decker Orb-It

Liquid Building born out of bubbles

Combining innovative design with eco friendly structuring, designer Mohsen Marizad has come up with a Liquid Building that is based on the theme of fluidity. The entire building is a collection of independent units like liquid bubbles. These bubbles are

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