Black & Decker Orb-It: A cordless and lightweight Vacuum cleaner

Black & Decker Orb-It

Vacuum cleaners have always been associated with a hefty size and ugly wires. Cleaning the house with one means pulling and pushing it all around, which can leave anyone exhausted. But, the heavy image is about to get swapped with a light and portable one, thanks to the Black & Decker Orb-It (ORB48) Vacuum cleaner. The spherical shaped product is a cordless and hand-held option that vows to make cleaning time all the more fun-filled.

The Orb-It comes fitted with a handle and nozzle that pull out robotically. Using it comes sans any difficulty as the vacuum just weighs 800 grams. Its light weight quality makes it possible to use this every day and at any point of time. Gone are the days when you got entangled in messy wires as this vacuum will drape your life with the cordless aura that is nothing but pleasant. This trendy cleaning device features a dust bowl that has a capacity of 18 ml. It is covered by an easy to open and transparent door that lets a user see if it is full with dirt or not, and is an easy indicator that tells when is the time to empty the dust bowl.

The nozzle flips open when the handle is pulled out, swapping the circular object into a fully-functional cordless vacuum cleaner. Black & Decker Orb-It has a fast charging lithium ion battery that lets the vacuum run for 8 minutes. Simply, connect the vacuum to the charger when you are done cleaning an area or run out of battery and see it get filed with more power in no time. The handy device has a 360 degree charging base and looks quite elegant. Orb-It has an LED indicator that flashes in the color blue when put on charging, and remains blue when the cordless vacuum is fully charged.

Orb-It is perfect for speedily cleaning areas like kitchen shelves, office desks, study tables, etc. It doesn’t need a special place to be stacked away as the vacuum is quite eye-appealing and will perfectly blend in any home/office environment. You can place it on a kitchen shelf or a table and it will not even look like a vacuum cleaner. The lightweight device can also be used to clean tight spaces and corners, thanks to the elaborate cleaning accessories that accompany it. The practical device is available in 6 finishes and comes with a price tag of € 60.

Via: appliancist

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