Chinese cartoon museum is a mixture of traditional values and modernity

Comic and Animation Museum

Spain based architectural firm EMBT has released their proposal for a Comic and Animation museum in China. In continuation with a longstanding Chinese policy, the museum will be a mixture of tradition and modernity. In the past few years, China has aggressively marketed the philosopher Confucius’ ideas along with philosophy as a global spiritual movement. With this particular museum, Chinese government is trying to interpolate Confucian geometry with a mystical appreciation of nature. The museum also aims to achieve the synthesis of visual and associative narratives.

This does not mean that the idea and planning behind the museum will be restricted in any way. The museum is specifically designed for kids and their parents, so a free play of ideas is a must. The central buildings are imagined as different colored, basket like forms. This basket based design has been derived from the everyday, traditional Chinese woven basket. The area surrounding the dome is also based on traditional Chinese gardens. The domes are surrounded by networks of bridges and a lush green ambiance. The architects refer to it as a kind of magic land that will enhance the impossible and dare the mind to reach unexpected levels of imagination.

The idea is to explore the relationship between such a huge landscape and the objects surrounding it. The different set of experiences designed for the viewer, will vary from specific to the imaginative. The different styles, shapes, figures of cartoon and comic characters are merged with the architecture. The museum also consists of multi sensory features, integrating the viewer with the space. The aim is to achieve a sense of awe and wonder at every turn and exhibit of the museum.

Via: eVolo

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