WY-TO architects pack-shelter for disaster prone southeast Asia

The amazing minds at singapore based company WY-TO architects have put their genuis at work and created what might be the most diverse and comfortable disaster shelter. The WY-TO Architects have targetted the South East Asia region that accounts for 42.9% of all the natural disasters making it necessary for people inhabiting the region to be prepared for the worse at all times. Making disaster management that much easy, this foldable shelter house comes with all the basic necessities that anyone can need in situations of crisis.

The ease of WY-TO Shelter

WY-TO architects pack-shelter (1)

The shelter is a foldable collapsible unit that can be easily shipped. WY-TO Architects designed this shelter to be naturally ventilated. This product is highly affordable and also easy to build as it can be assembled without the need of tools. The shelter can be built up on any surface and does not require a flat ground surface.

Design and innovation

Based on the Kampung house that are common in South East Asia the shelter caters to every basic need and provides you enough comfort even under situations of crisis. The shelter comes with features such as collapsible furniture for outdoor cooking, a solar cell membrane on the roof for electricity conduction, a gutter to drain rain water and a collectible for collecting and purifying rain water. The shelter has a collapsible bed and hammocks with integrated aluminium ladder, foldable shelves to store personal belongings, hangars for additional storage. The best feature of the shelter is the safety option that comes with the locks that can be used to secure your shelter.

Adapted specifically for tropical climate, this shelter is mobile and easy to ship and re-assemble in cases of emergency. The WY-TO architects might have provided the people in South East Asia an ideal solution in case of a natural disaster, with their Shelter.

Source : DesignBoom.Com

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