Unique and creative tree houses to nestle you in comfort

People have used tree houses since the term ‘shelter’ actually came into existence. Tree houses are beautiful, comforting and the perfect way to stay close to nature. But currently, not all of us can make a bastion in a tree house, especially for longer durations. Still, you can always find some time to enjoy your environs by opting any of these beautiful tree houses to nestle.


  • Pitchford Hall

Probably the oldest tree house in the world, this home was built back in 1692, therefore, the old world charm still lies in its construction style. The tree house has been renovated twice, in 1760 and most recently in 1980. Built on Large Leaved Lime tree, this tree house has been a comfortable abode for three British Prime Ministers and even Queen Victoria.

  • Alnwick Gardens

If you thought that tree houses aren’t really comfortable, then think again! Alnwick Gardens is as comfortable as any tree house can be. The largest public open garden in Europe, Alnwick is located in Northumberland and has a 120-seat restaurant, along with juice bar, visitor facilities and a walkway with road bridges to bring you close to the beauty of natural surroundings. The house is made from cedar obtained via sustainable means.

  • Yellow Tree house Restaurant

Epicureans will love this place, especially because it is in midst of beautiful surroundings. This superstructure, located in Auckland, is built on a Giant Redwood tree that offers an amalgamation of organic and contemporary style. The breathtaking picturesque accompanies you while you dine in this 30 guests restaurant.


  • Tree Bar

Drinking goes to an all new level with this Tree Bar in Limpopo, South Africa. Built on Baobab tree, the bar has its cellar built within the roots of this 6000 years old tree, which keeps beer cool. Therefore, it is not just in the midst of nature, but the bar is equally eco-friendly. At a particular time, it can accommodate 54 people for a party.

  • Hi-Tech Hide-Away

Thinking of a secluded place for a romantic getaway? Wondering if you could find a hide-away that comes equipped with modern features? If yes, then Blue Forest’s luxury Hi-Tech Hide Away in Greece is designed just for you. This beautifully constructed tree house has features like CCTV, color night vision, security, plasma television and other luxurious options. With a kitchen and bathroom, the place is perfect for a romantic getaway.

The World's Largest Tree House1

  • The biggest tree house

You would be astonished to know that the world’s biggest tree house, built in Crossville, Tennessee in the US gets an average of 400 visitors a week. Built by Horarce Burges, a landscape artist, the tree house has 10 stories and uses recycled timber. Moreover, it also has a church and the cost of living is modest.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit a tree house and nestle yourself in its comforts.

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