Most unusual structures around the world

Architecture is all about designing beautiful, innovative constructions that symbolize style and strength. But sometimes, architects go way ahead and create something that immediately captures your attention, particularly because it’s strange and defies regular concepts of construction. These constructions are contemporary, build on new paradigms that challenge you to think in unusual ways while appreciating the strangeness and attractive of these structures. This list is a compilation of some of the strangest structures all over the world. The unusual architecture is what makes them eye catchy and functional.

  • Poland’s Crooked House

You have heard of weird, scary and horrifying decorations during Halloween, but what about a house that is so crooked that you really do not need to decorate it for Halloween? Well, this crooked house in Poland’s residential shopping center is an architectural marvel, with designs inspired from a children’s book. There aren’t any straight lines on the top or bottom. In fact, it looks like a melting building that would drop down any second.


  • Spain’s La Pedrera

Literally meaning ‘a house’, La Pedrera or Casa Mila in Barcelona is one of the most unusual homes. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, this house is unconventional and doesn’t feature a single straight line. The stairs are circular and the entire house looks like a masterpiece with beautiful, round designs.

  • Canada’s Habitat 67

Remember how we used to play with blocks as kids? We built beautiful houses with colorful blocks stacked on each other. The design of Habitat 67 in Montreal is inspired from the childhood games. The building is arranged in the form of different blocks are cubed that are stacked over each other only partially. This makes the place look more interesting, spacious and maintains comfort and stability. Designed by Moshe Safdie, this is a beauty.

  • Taiwan’s UFO Houses

Known as Sanzhi pod houses, the homes were originally built for vacation purposes. Despite the fact that these homes are now demolished, they were well known all over the world because of their uncanny resemblances with flying saucers. Moreover, the building was more notorious as a number of car accidents occurred during construction, which ultimately drove away tourists.

  • Netherland’s cubic houses

Ever wondered if houses could look like forest. Well, now you can! Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, Netherland are a perfect example of a manmade concrete forest, wherein cubes are arranged in different settings to for hexagon. From far off, they look like trees and appear to be yellow colored forest. The idea is innovative and attractive, which gives the construction a complete synchronization.


  • Prague’s Dancing Building

The contemporary architectural style boasts loudly of itself with this Dancing Building. This attention-grabbing house is designed in a vivid manner where the building seems to sway to a different attention. Certainly, this one takes away your eyes from monotonous structures.

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