Body Coffin straight out of a crime scene


If you love thriller movies or crime television shows, then you must be familiar with a crime scene! Yes, the crime scene where you bite your nails incessantly, shout on your top of the voice, asking the man or the lady not to pursue a particular path because the killer is waiting! And then you wait for the scene where the body is shown in a coffin! The crime scene must not be a very pretty sight to an actual viewer, as it’s quite terrifying and an unfortunate incident. But, what to do when you find an actual body in that position and rigor mortis had set in, which is quite common when a dead body is kept in the same position for a long time.

What will you do when you can’t put your loved ones in a regular coffin? What if your loved one was a crime lover? Well, pay a tribute to her/him by placing his body in a crime coffin. Faustine Gau from Seattle, WA, has the perfect solution for you. He has come up with a custom-made coffin, which allows one to put the body of the deceased in the exact final position. No need to break any bones to fit the body in the customized coffin.

The crime scene body coffin comes in every shape where you just have to provide the length and outline of the body. The wood that is used for the crime scene body coffins is same for the regular coffins. It may look like Faustine Gau built this coffin keeping an artistic view or thought in his mind but surely it turns out to be a very useful product.

The whole design comes with no flaws, and what could be more satisfying then to lay your loved ones to rest the way you found them.

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