Tiny ‘capsule’ houses for off-grid living with minimal footprint

Living without electricity, gadgets, and other basic things is virtually impossible these days. However, many people living in far off areas still have to do without these conveniences. To facilitate these people, Capsule houses can be a great option. These off-grid capsules essentially are mobile homes or pods that run on solar energy.

Easy to transport from one place to the other, capsule homes are in trend for some time now. Here we have listed some of the most amazing and eco friendly capsule houses.

Egg Capsule

Egg Capsule house

The unique shape of this capsule makes it attractive and different from other capsule homes. This tiny off-grid living pod enables you to live comfortably in any situation. Egg capsule comes equipped with bed, bathroom, shower, flushing, toilet, and a kitchen to let you enjoy all home comforts in any corner of the world.

The capsule does not require any electricity, as it uses solar energy. Built-in turbines and battery backup makes it a sustainable retreat. Egg Capsule is easy to tow and ship from one place to the other.

Tricycle capsule

Tricycle capsule

Like other capsules, this capsule attaches to a tricycle to help you move it from one place to another with ease. Apart from being lightweight, Tricycle capsule comes integrated with several essential things that are important for survival in harsh conditions.

Nano eco capsule

Nano eco capsule

The small and sleek design of this nano eco capsule makes it different from other capsules. Considered one of the best capsules for its capability to reduce environment pollution, the nano capsule enables users to enjoy complete off-grid life in any part of the world. The small house provides adequate space and supplies for a couple, where they can survive for up to one year with ease.

Displaying the extreme of technology and science, each corner of the capsule is connected to batteries and turbines that stores solar energy to convert it into electricity. Nano eco capsule not only reduces the use of natural resources but also help you lead a meaningful life without harming the environment.

Polar capsule

Polar capsule

Polar capsule is beneficial for freezing areas so that people can survive there without any problem. The capsule comes built-in with bathroom, kitchen, and bed as well. The solar heating system enables people to stay comfortably inside even in areas with low temperature.

Capsule homes or pods enable people to enjoy off-grid living even in harsh weather conditions. You can choose from a wide range of capsules according to your needs and priorities.

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