The most expensive designer handbags 2013

For every woman designer bags, shoes and clothes is a dream. There are various big and famous companies who have large collection of designer bags at a very good range. It is like ringing beautiful music in the ears of woman- designer bags at a low cost. However getting the designers bags flaunted by actresses and models at low cost is very difficult. These designer bags are really very expensive, but of course, the bags are worth it. Every year as the choice of best designer bags changes, the year of 2013 designer bag collection has also changed accordingly.

Some of the most expensive designers bags available in the year 2013 are-

Celine– this one of the most expensive trendiest designer bags available in 2013. Many models and actresses, both Bollywood and Hollywood, have been spotted carrying it. It is available in many different color combinations. However the most wanted color combination is yellow and black. The trapeze-line shaped bag s modern and unusual. It even conceals its minimal exterior plenty of space for all necessary essentials.

Givenchy– this beautiful intricate bag is designed by printing with snakeskin motif. This bag one of the most demanded bags of the year. This bag has a few color choices but the most beautiful color of this bag is pale blue. It has soothing effect on the eyes and has a detachable strap available. One can carry it in either ways.
Alexander Wang’s shoulder cum clutch bag– Alexander’s most popular stud-bottomed bowling bag has created sensation in the designer bags market. This year’s collection of Alexander’s bags is clutch cum shoulder bag. The bag is sophisticated and very stylish. Theses bags last very long time without looking tired.

Dolce bucket– the chicest way to carry spade to the beach is by carrying Dolce’s compact raffia bucket bag. The structure of the bag is very good. The material of the bag is very soft. It is also one of the most expensive designer bags of 2013. This bag is not a gigantic bag but of optimum required size. It is perfect for summer season. It is available in a number of colors but the most beautiful color for this bag is black.
Mulberry Willow bags– this British brand has one of the topmost trendy designer bags collections. These willow bags are the hot collection of the year 2013. This bas have classic looks. It is available in most stunning pistachio color. It also has detachable pocket which can be doubled as a clutch.

Chanel hula hoop slung – this Chanel hula hoop slung is five times bigger than other Channel bags. It is like hula hoop slung over the shoulder. One will have to carry this bag differently than the other designer’s bags.
Louis Vuitton Champagne bag– this bag was used in the year 1932. But during that time it was not so much in demand. But at present times, again the bag has been remodeled by the designers in market. Once again it is in demand. It is found in many bright colors and trendy styles. The old design has met the present trendiest designs.

Maison Martin Margiela tote– this is a spacious bag. It was for those people who like to carry designer handbags but want to keep it quiet and low key. This is also one of the most wanted bags of 2013 year. One can use either both the chrome handle or shoulder strap. One will never lose keys because the zipper of the bag opens almost all the circumference of the bag.
Every woman wants to own countless number designer bags. Every year the topmost designer bags choice changes and with changing trend, every woman wants to change their collection. The above mentioned bags are the best designer bags collection of the year 2013.

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