5 most expensive designer pens

Good looking and fine luxury pens have been an attraction for many who are interested in new and interesting designer collections. When it comes to buying luxurious and exquisite designer pens, huge money is spent for the same. It is important to know the stylishness and pure brilliance of handcrafted art that these designer pens. Writing is definitely a pleasure with these pens and with one of them, you would definitely feel prized. Designer pens are available in an assortment of ranges like Roller ball, Ballpoint Twist, Magnifiers, Letter Opener styles and fountain pens. They are made of the most expensive materials like Platinum, Brushed Satin, 24kt Gold, Gold Titanium and many more. Let us now have an incite of some of the best designer pens available.

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen

Aurora. Based in Italy are the makers of the finest luxurious writing items. It showcases one of the most expensive designer pens called the Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen. This pen is said to be one of the most expensive and good looking pens that is made of 30 carats, featuring 2000 diamond pieces covered all through its body. The pen is available with a gold nib which looks sleek and elegant. Since it has a high tag, the pen is only one of its kinds and crafted for a hand which deserves the very best in so doing preserving uniqueness as well.


Caran d’Ache 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen

This sole and exclusive pen has been designed by Caran d’Ache, the Swiss company who are the makers of million writing items. The Caran d’Ache fountain pen is an excellent mixture of superb craftsmanship as well as some of the most valuable jewelry in the world. The pen is studded with 850 original diamonds with a body which has been crafted with gold. This designer pen is definitely a symbol of uniqueness, royalty and style!

Mystery Masterpiece – Mont Blanc and Van Cleef & Arpels Limited Edition

The mystery masterpiece arpels edition has specially been designed to celebrate the anniversary of these two well-known brands- Mont Blanc and Van Cleef.The individual editions are crafted with expensive stones such as sapphires, rubies and emerald. The name has been derived from the mystery settings of the gemstones. , these obscure writing pens are set to daze customers with their profligate design, and equally-expensive price.


Visconti – Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen

Fountain pens have for long been a symbol of elegance and style and one carrying an ink pen in his pocket will definitely turn heads around. Along with the great writing it also looks good. The brilliantly handcrafted Alchemy HRH by Visconti showcases some of the most exquisite fountain pens and roller ball pens from this superior pen maker. This pen is unique in style and show, showcasing two nibs, two ink reservoirs incase one gets finished and is also trimmed with two kinds of different metals exquisite gold and silver vermeil. Both the nibs are made of 18K gold and also come in different sizes and styles so that they can be handled by everyone. People who are used to the ball point pens to write will also love this ink pen. Along with the quality of writing it has an equally great classic, rich, red resin body studded with gold and silver and 4k diamonds. In other words it is simply stunning!

 Visconti Pens EUROPEA HRH

This pen is sought by different customer having a fetish for designer pens. This pen is worth having at home with a body made with classic blue resin, studded with star shaped diamonds. This designer pen would definitely add to your collection of great designer pens!


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