5 top designs picks for lampshades 2013

 Lampshades are a requirement for every well decorated and designed home. The correct lampshades provide an ambiance suited to the mood of the room, the atmosphere you want to convey and the design you prefer. A harmonious combination of wall paper, carpet, lamp shades and furniture will make your room beautiful and earn you the admiration of your friends and envy of your neighbors  There is a lot of variety of lampshades that you can choose from while decorating your home, but finding out a unique yet suitable lampshade can be difficult. The best ideas for a lampshade are the following:


The classic lampshade is the old and eternal glass globe with the illumination in the middle. Looking like a lantern burning on oil or a candle stand in the days before electricity, a classic lamp shade conveys an air of safety and stability to your home. It is simple yet artistic and comparatively cheap to install since the design is well known and mass produced. A globe can be of plain glass to allow for maximum illumination or it can be decorated with motifs and colored glass to provide more interesting patterns of light in your room.



The bell shaped lamp shade is also a classic design that has been around for a while. Designed to let the hot air and soot of the burning candle to escape through the opening in the top, the bell lamp shade finds use even today because of its simple elegance and flowing contours. A bell lamp shade decorated with designs and colored glass is a significant fashion statement that shows while you are a straightforward person, you are also a connoisseur of beauty. A bell lamp shade will find most use in a drawing room where understated lighting is required.


Sea Shell:

A sea shell lamp shade can be transparent, translucent or opaque. If transparent, the curves of the lamp shade will produce patterns on the walls that will lend an exotic air to your room. It translucent, the interplay of light and shadow coming through the surface of the glass and its various shades will provide a variegated lighting in your rooms. If opaque the light will reflect off the walls and produce an understated yet stylish environment, depending on the color of the walls and the shade of the lights. Using a blue light against a green wall is an excellent idea for decorating your house as it will lend a feel if being underwater in your room, perfectly compatible with the sea shell imagery that you have installed.


A torch lamp shade conveys power and authority. A bright light in a torch shaped lamp shade demonstrates that you are an honest person who is not afraid to look at things laid bare in full illumination and that you do not shrink from unsavory tasks. A set of torch lamp shades lends an old world charm to your house as it evokes in the mind the idea of castles and burning torches in the Middle Ages. It makes your house look sturdy and invulnerable and conveys an air of lordship and command on the master of the house.



The most modern form of lamp shade developed so far, the figuring shaped lamp shade is the ultimate in design and fashion. The idea of mermaids glowing with an inner light on your walls; or winged victory statues looking about to set flight, lit from within; or other figurines that hold the light in their hands is an excellent way to demonstrate who you are and what you prefer.

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