Hi tech carts to ease your shopping

A shopping cart is generally supplied by every shop, especially supermarkets, for customers to use while shopping. These carts are used to transport merchandise to the check-out counter after shopping is done. Customers can also use the cart to transport their purchased goods to their cars. Shopping in a supermarket may often be tough, as most visitors have to struggle in order to find the goods they want. They may also have to go across the entire mart while searching for a particular product. Here is a list of 10 Hi tech shopping carts that could help you ease your shopping blues.

Sainsburys Sky Go-iPad shopping cart
Have you ever been made anxious by the thought of missing an all important match or catching up on the latest news or a soap because of your shopping duties? Well, say goodbye to that worry because Sainsbury has teamed up with Sky to provide you entertainment while you go about procuring your stuff. How is that possible? The shopping cart is fitted with a solar powered iPad dock with speakers. And if you fear getting lost in watching, take it easy because proximity sensors will prevent you from bumping into other avid shoppers!

Currently Sainsbury has launched this service in their West London store and do not have any plans in rolling out this experiment countrywide. Moreover, customers will have to get their own iPads if they wish to enjoy this unique service.
Concierge Smart Shopping Cart

Can you imagine a shopping cart equipped with a computer having a vibrant touchscreen on its handle? Developed by BSquare Corp. and Springboard Retail Network, the Concierge Smart Shopping Cart uses in-store wireless to make shopping easier for all consumers. People can sign into their personal shopping accounts at their home computers and can manage lists, plan their shopping excursions and also learn about current day special offers at the store. That makes their journey at the store a more enjoyable, easier as well as faster shopping experience. Thus, while consumers shop, advertisers and retailers gather the shopping intelligence that helps them deliver the targeted ads and promotions, which assist effective inventory management, greater sales and higher profits.

UNIT Hypermarket shopping cart

Shopping in any hypermarket is mostly a very tedious task. Most visitors struggle to locate the goods they want and may have to search the huge mart for any particular product. UNIT was devised by the Russian designer Liubov Kurzanova. It is a vehicle that helps consumers acquire goods in a more comfortable manner. It is made up of flexible nylon net and drum rotor and is capable of adjusting the internal volume of a basket as per needs of a customer. It also has a bar card that gives the consumers information on various products in the hypermarket and also the location of each such product.


Designed by Mete Mordag,The Z-Cart has several storage rooms for various items and thus makes life easier for the consumer. The cart is fitted with a rechargeable scooter that can be optionally included in the main body of the Z-cart. You can drive into the supermarket using this scooter. It has brakes, stopping lights, accelerator and a digital display showing battery level, just like is seen in a real scooter. All these amazing features and myriad possibilities for expansion of the cart, make it a truly reliable friend when you go shopping.

Smart Shopping Cart

The Smart Shopping cart is a brand new idea that is being pilot tested by SK Telecom in the Lotus supermarket at Shanghai. This service will integrate smart phones into the shopping experience and thus provide the latest information about a store and its products. This company is one of the leading pioneers in the telecom industry and has built several features into this product in order to provide comfort and ease to consumers while they go shopping.

iShop shopping cart

The iShop shopping cart is a mix of the iPhone and grocery shopping. It has captured the attention of several retailers as well as dealers as it is a very tech savvy and useful product. Although it looks like a traditional shopping cart, this special cart has a built-in slot where you can place your iPhone. It has been designed such, you can listen to music, watch videos as well as play games while shopping in a supermarket. Also,it has a handle slot that allows a consumer to make use of its shopping assistance application.

Klever Shopping cart

This popular Klever shopping cart has features such as a built-in wireless computer which allows shoppers to use a self service assistant to scan their items or check the price of a product, a store directory that helps to locate a product in the store, automatically generated lists that are based on an individual’s prior history (via a loyalty card), electronic coupons and seasonal promotions. It also offers entire recipes so that you don’t reach home without some of the ingredients. It also allows you to follow the local weather and news.

Robotic shopping cart

This is a real helper robot of a shopping cart. It will follow you around as you shop and then even help bill and tally up things for you. This is good news for the infirm, the elderly and even the lazy ones. It has been built with intelligence such that it is able to compare what you shopped with your dietary rules and advise you in a voice. Motion sensing, motion recognition, scanning, tagging and voice recognition complete the amazing list of abilities of this shopping cart. These beautiful robots are not yet out in the market but their prototypes are already making their way into some campuses.

IDEO’s shopping cart

Solving multiple issues of maneuverability, child safety, maintenance cost and shopping behavior, IDEO has created a novel shopping cart concept in the form of a nestable steel frame. This frame lacks sides and a bottom which makes it unattractive for thieves. It holds removable shopping baskets made of plastic which increases flexibility for the shopper and advertising space for the manufacturers. Also, it has a built-in child’s seat and a holder to keep your drinks cups. The steerable back wheels ensure easy navigation and lateral movements for the shopping cart.

E~Cart shopping cart

A “shopping spree” usually has negative connotations and is equated to being wasteful. That is all going to change with the E~Cart which promises green energy generation as you shop! Kitae Pak and Inyong Jung, industrial designers par excellence, have conceptualized and made the prototypes of an eco friendly shopping cart. The amazing cart has specially modified wheels that generate energy and store them in on-board batteries. This stored energy is transferred to the main power storage units when the carts are docked at the end of t
he day. The designers believe that the energy produced this way can sustain the store for at least one whole month annually.

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