Signet wraps knowledge portal around your finger

The visually challenged may not have the choice of seeing the world as it is but now they will certainly have the choice of knowing the world as it is. Their knowledge portal shall be wrapped around their finger and when they say “wrapped,” we mean it in the strict literal sense rather the metaphorical one. The signet shall provide into to visually challenged regarding whatever “rings” in their mind. Shaped as a ring, it shall compensate loss of sight by its ability to procure information for the blind.


It is a conceptual product that would permit Braille reading users to receive information depending up on their interest and use. The ergonomically designed device is made up of elastic material for adjustable finger diameter. The ring uses the British Standard Braille of grid 2 x 3, which works as a refreshable Braille display. These refreshing bars could update the user of a text messages, emails, updated directions as well as new articles. All the information is delivered at a speed set by the set according to his/her convenience.


The device designed by Ash Wiltshire would prove a great help in screening the information required by the user and user no longer have to go through all the information that he doesn’t even need.

Source: Ash Wiltshire

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