Unusual and creative cigarette lighter designs

Cigarette lighters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some people have a craze for these items that they begin to collect bizarre and fun shaped lighters. If you are one of them, perhaps you will be interested in the cigarette lighters described below. Check out the 10 unusual and creative cigarette lighter designs.
Cigarette lighter

The cigarette shape is not meant for the cigarette alone. It can also be a device in disguise. Yes, you can find cigarette lighters that look exactly like a cigarette. The biggest advantage of the lighter is that the smoker can carry the lighter in his pack of cigarettes without requiring any extra space for storage. Who would have ever thought of this idea?

Battery lighter

The battery lighter is an amazing product. One look at the Duracell battery may not be enough for a layman to tell whether it is a battery or not. However, if you find a smoker holding a battery, you can be sure that he owns a battery lighter. It is specially designed to look like the C-type battery. It is wind proof and produces 2300 degrees flame. You can fill it with butane gas. This is the best way to impress others. You can buy it for $4.99.

Double Mint Gum lighter

Another amazing shape is the double mint gum lighter. It looks exactly like your favorite chewing gum. Don’t ever leave it near children because they can accidentally put it into their mouth mistaking it for their dad’s chewing gum. The lighter can fit your pocket snugly. Its dimensions are 7.4 x 2.0 x 1.1 cm. It costs about $8.00.

Match lighter

If you do not have a lighter of your own you may perhaps use a matchstick for lighting your cigarette. But what if you can find a lighter in the shape of a lighter? It will never get burnt or worn out. You can use it as long as you wish. The product has been developed in Japan but is now available in the U.S. too.

Bullet lighter

Of the crazy shapes and designs, the bullet is also known to disguise as a lighter. This lighter is 5 3/8 cm long and 7/8 cm wide. You can flip it open easily and press the igniter for lighting your cigarette. A red color jet of gas emits out in the form of flame on the top. Beware of the police! It costs only $5.25.

Cellphone lighter

A lighter in the form of a cell phone is also quite an interesting shape. People may only mistake it for a cell phone instead of a lighter. It is the best way to hide your smoking habit from your well wishers.

USB flash drive lighter

Another interesting shape for a cigarette lighter is the flash drive lighter. It looks like a mini flash drive but is actually a lighter. It has a sleek metal outer layer. The tiny instrument doubles as a lighter as well as a USB drive with 8 GB capacity. The lighter can be refilled when the gas is over. It has adjustable flame too. You have to buy the lighter fluid. The device measures 1.5 x 2.4 x 5 cm. The cost is $39.99.

Hammer lighter

A tiny hammer in the shape of a cigarette lighter is not only a delight to the user but to the onlookers also. The lighter measures just 4 x 1.1 x 8.9 cm. The mini hammer can also be used for lighting up your candles. This is a humorous gadget that will impress most of the smokers. You can even gift it to your friends. The fluid can be refilled. The device can be bought for $1.99.

Real lighter DVR

The real lighter DVR is an amazing product. It is not just a cigarette lighter but something more serious. It has a hidden surveillance camera that can be used for surveillance when you are not available. You can get everything recorded when you are away. You can use the video for proving anything. The battery runs for at least 6 hours. It also has a microphone for recording anything said. The SD card can record for 8 hours with top quality audio and video output. It is an excellent product if you want to perform some serious investigation.

Fire extinguisher lighter


A fire extinguisher is normally used for putting off fires. But here it is used for lighting cigarettes disguising as a cigarette lighter. The tiny fire extinguisher lighter is shaped exactly like a real fire extinguisher gadget. Its tiny little hose is also functional in a special way. The sad thing is that you may not find it in your local stores. You have to shop online if you have already fallen in love with it. The product costs just $4.88.

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