Stunning Garage Designs That are a Treat for Your Eyes

Kre House, Japan

Extravagant luxury cars are not just a vehicle for daily commuting; these are much more than that. For automotive enthusiasts, their fast high-end cars are the ultimate form of expression depicting passion, speed, power and unmatched outrageousness. So, to match the beauty of your priced-possessions, you need an equally stunning garage that showcases your audacious supercar with great care.

Here are 7 most stunning car garage designs that will always keep your favorite car right in-front of your eyes.

  1. In-Room Car Parking at Hamilton Towers, Singapore

In-Room Car Parking at Hamilton Towers, Singapore

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Contrived by KOP Properties, this luxury living space has the facility of in-room car parking. The luxury garage space is present in the Hamilton Towers in Singapore. It is a perfect apartment for anyone who loves their car to an extent that they never want to leave its sight even when they are relaxing in their home. Instead of hiding the car in a garage, this parking space displays the automobile right in the center of the living room.

  1. Minimalist Garage in Los Angeles

Minimalist Garage in Los Angeles

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Following the increasing trend of displaying car in a living room, Holger Schubert has designed this abode with a spacious living room area with a car display. The owner’s extravagant vehicle can directly be parked within the living room and even interior design match the car’s silhouette.

  1. Luxury Garage, ConnecticutLuxury Garage, Connecticut

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Rick Krug from TR Building & Remodeling has designed boasting wooden exterior and interior, this traditional barn-like garage space. The classic garage is a home to the owner’s many luxury cars. It features a high-tech car elevator that lifts the desired car up to the wine cellar present in the living room of the house.

  1. Roof Car Park House, Los AngelesRoof Car Park House, Los Angeles

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Anonymous Architects have designed this stunning house in Los Angeles. The interesting thing about this house design is that it boasts the owner’s luxury car on the roof. The home with open air garage is a spacious to take care of the extravagant vehicle that rests in the middle of a beautiful landscape surrounding the abode.

  1. Cabana House Shed Space, Philadelphia

Cabana House Shed Space, Philadelphia

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Another interesting garage design is the Cabana House in Philadelphia. The minimalist car garage displays the homeowner’s entire car collection and seems to be a dream garage of any car enthusiast. The railing lights are present throughout the garage to bring out the best of every car that’s parked inside.

  1. Kre House, JapanKre House, Japan

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The contemporary Kre House by Japanese studio No.555 is another car haven. The house has a huge garage space that accommodates nine cars of the homeowner. The cars rest inside the garage safely; however, one desired car can be put on display into the living room – all thanks to the car elevator. The elevator brings a car to the living room, while the floor in the living room slides away to make the automobile appear from underneath.

  1. Black and White House, ArgentinaBlack and White House, Argentina

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Andres Remy Arquitectos design this contemporary home. Situated in Buenos, Aires, Argentina, this modern home features a spacious car garage outside the house. The functional garage is present underneath the cantilevered section of the house. Although the garage is not a centerpiece of this home, but clearly puts the owner’s car on display for the passersby. Such garage design is ideal for those who loves their car, but don’t want to interfere with the living space inside their home.


A garage is a space to take care of your car or an entire car collection. So, why not make an integral part of your house boasting your expensive set of wheels.

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