Pierscape unfurls social space for entertainment and relaxation

Giving an all new shape to an existing tourist destination that was designed by Daniel Burnham is James Corner Field Operations from New York. Winners of the Navy Pier Competition, their Pierscape will help connect residents of Chicago and Illinois with Lake Michigan. It will comprise of lots of open social area that will include spaces for holding events as well as social rooms.


Pierscape has been situated close to the mile and culture amenities, which is truly awesome. The structure will prove to be a link between the stretched walkway and modern fabric, which will be complemented by the presence of various kinds of light fittings and artist media. This path will guide pedestrians beneath the raised portion of the lake shore drive. The active areas of the design will comprise of pier park, crystal garden, children’s museum, gateway park, north dock and east end park. These will start as sheltered areas, but as one nears the water area it will become all the more open, making sure visitors can savor the horizon and feel blissful.

The presence of a floating pool on the south-west side of the Pierscape will unfurl a sand beach along the lake. Supporting various kinds of festivals, social functions and art works as well as events will be the promenade, porch of the front plaza as well as lawns. Bicyclists and pedestrians will be placed first as the structure will bring down vehicular traffic. The length of terraces will feature entertainment venues, restaurants as well as boat access placed parallel to the dock. Te furnished south dock will be vegetated and comprise of multifunctional posts, which will offer sound, misted water, light and signage. Creating a forest like feel will be the planters that can be made to dangle like chandeliers and can also be made to ornament the ground.

Via: Designboom

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