Caterpillar auditorium offers a mobile space for social gatherings

“Good” design is obvious while “Great” designs are transparent and no great design is possible without discipline and intelligence. The intelligent design we are talking about here is an auditorium made for the TUM Campus in Garching near Munich. The architecture bears a resemblance to a caterpillar and therefore has been rightly named as Caterpillar mobile auditorium.


The mobile auditorium could be taken to any part of the world and deployed wherever you want. The makeup could be easily disassembled and carried to various locations. This multifunctional structure can be brought into use in many ways. The interior is quite spatial and has got elevated entrance from the middle portion of the structure that is made using number of platforms. The entrance looks like an airport walkway and has also got emergency exits with gravity chutes, being inspired from aircraft security system.

The construction of the auditorium has been done keeping risk factors in mind. The climatic cyst that works as a low pressure membrane system are separated keeping in mind safety factors. The structure stands above the ground level so as to provide clear way for passing through. It allows visitors to enjoy panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. It could be used for exhibitions, get-togethers, public meeting and many such social activities. The most influencing part of the structure is it could be moved, adjusted and organized according to the convenience of people and availability of space.

Space: Marvinbratke

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