Five creative fruit bowls

Every dining table would have a fruit bowl used to, you guessed it, store fruits and vegetables. Most of these fruit bowls would tend to follow the basic basket design. However, there are plenty of other really innovative fruit bowl designs that you can opt for. And these are some of the most artistic designs we have come across in recent times.


Cocoon kitchen storage unit by Mans Salomonsen_thumb-03

The Cocoon Storage Unit

One of the best choices for storing a multitude of items, including fruits and plants, the Cocoon is a storage unit that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The organic shape of the unit facilitates the growth of plants at the top while an alcove at the bottom would be best suitable for your fruits and vegetables. You can hang it on the kitchen window or door to let your plants get sunlight and your fruits get air, thereby making sure that both remain fresh for extended periods.


The Water Drop Fruit Bowl

A very intuitive and artistic design, the Water Drop Fruit Bowl is shaped just like a water droplet hitting the water surface, and comes in a variety of colors and shades. While the fruits and vegetables can be placed in the ripple like curves, droplet can serve the purpose of a handle, making it easier for someone to carry the bowl.


The Apple Tree Fruit Bowl

What a quaint way to store your apples? The Apple Tree Fruit Bowl is made of aluminum wire, and looks just like a branched out tree. It measures almost 120 cm in height and has several thin branches, each of which has a provision at the end to hold an apple. You can place the apples in these branches to give a very artistic effect to the entire room.


The Andalusia Fruit Holder

A simple and minimalistic, and yet, elegant design is what can be used to describe this beautiful fruit holder that utilizes simple lines to create a more modernized version of the traditional fruit bowl. The holder consists of two elongated trays at both ends to hold apples, oranges and pears etc. while a rectangular frame at the center contains two hooks which can be used to hold grape or banana bunches.


The Fantastic Fruit Bowl

Really artistic and colorful, the Fantastic Fruit Bowl looks like a frozen drop of paint at the exact moment it splashes on the table and sprays out. These fruit bowls are available in various attractive colors, and can really become focal points in your dining room.


We know there are plenty of other interesting fruit bowl designs out there. But these are the ones that caught our attention at first glance. So if you are on the lookout for a creative, quirky item to liven up the room, choose from these options for the best results.


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