5 Sci-Fi Inventions that should never be invented

As much as we want the earth to become more technologically advanced, there are certain sci-fi inventions we feel, would remain better in the drawing board. Here are 5 of those inventions that we wish would never be invented.


Flying Cars

Of course the idea of flying to work in your own flying car would sound interesting, considering the fact that you can escape all those pesky traffic jams. But think about what would happen if these flying cars become a norm in every household out there. Not only would you have to face traffic jams on the road, you would have to face them in the sky as well. There’s also the problem of flying into poles, electricity lines or even buildings. And imagine your car running out of fuel in midair. There’s no way you would be able to stop the vehicle without crashing it somewhere. All these reasons make us feel that flying cars are best not invented now or in the future as well.


Cryogenic Freezing

Imagine freezing a person and bringing him back to life sometime in the future. Even though this process would be beneficial for those who can be put to sleep and then awakened in the future when there would be more medical treatments to cure their diseases, it would definitely lead to population explosion on a large scale. What if everyone just decided to sleep now and get up when things like immortality come into place? What would happen then? We shudder to even think about it.


Artificial Intelligence

Movies like Terminator and I,Robot have showed us the possible issues we could face with robots with AI. And as much as would love to have a robot servant that does everything we ask it to, a partner who never ages or a machine that would rid is of all menial labors, there is something quite unnerving about having a machine with a brain around, wondering when it would turn on you and the entire mankind in order to build a race of its own. Or think about a computer the size of a postage stamp with a brain that sharper and faster than yours. Nope, that’s something we definitely don’t want.


Teleportation Device

This device may actually sound pretty cool. You can teleport food, clothes and even yourself from one place to another within a matter of a few seconds. Pretty cool right? Actually, it’s not! Think of a device like this getting in the wrong hands. You can easily teleport even atom bombs across borders without them even knowing about it.

There’s also the functionality to think about. Making continuous copies of an item would degrade its quality with each new copy. So what would happen when you keep on teleporting yourself from one place to another continuously? Sooner or later, your body is going to start degrading as well. Would you want that?



Consider ending a hunger crisis by replicating food, or making sure you have abundant medical supplies by replicating existing ones in order to face an epidemic illness. Wouldn’t it be great to have a machine like a replicator that can replicate anything and everything, even money?

What would be the need to work then? People can easily replicate whatever they want and enjoy their life without even moving a muscle. Food, clothes, money, diamonds, houses and even another replicator itself. This would eventually lead to the destruction of the society, and the world.


The inventions mentioned above can drastically change the face of the earth for the good or for the better. And considering the current scenario of the earth and its inhabitants, we only feel that these inventions would cause more problems. So better keep them restricted to the research facilities instead of making them available for the general public.

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