Enjoy marine exploits and extravagant stayovers at the Solar Floating Resort

This oceanic dwelling is partly a yacht and partly a submarine! Now that all the deep sea explorers and marine life enthusiasts are reading attentively, let’s leak out more details about this amazing yacht cum hotel. This is truly a revolutionary concept in the hospitality as the floating abode is actually a resort for six people. Serving a lump-sum of exclusivity along with dollops of lavish comfort and underwater scenery, this retreat is a haven for people who are downright nutty about aquatic life and marine habitats.


Conceived by the Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante, the main structure comprises a tower at the center. Balsa reinforced fiberglass has been used in its construction. This lightweight yet sturdy material is heavily used in the naval industry. The twenty meter long main building consists of a main deck and lodging quarters. Cutting edge techniques of industrial design as against traditional architecture have been used in its construction. The advanced materials and systems used make it possible to integrate vacuum insulation, eco friendly applications and aesthetics into the same arrangement.

The floating capsule, done up in pure Italian style, accommodates two double bedrooms and two single quarters with private bathrooms. Its teak deck has a semi circular lounging area along with six daybeds and Jacuzzis. There is a stylish dining area and a large kitchen. But the high point of the structure is the glass enclosed bulb submerged fully underwater that holds a 360 degree view of its surroundings. Six armchairs have been provided in here so that you can kick back and enjoy the scene that gets illuminated by spot lights when the sun goes down. Watch dolphins, sharks, exotic fishes and marine turtles live in action from here.

All parts required to build this structure are made in the factory and are then transported on the site of construction by land, air or sea. Manufacturing cost is cut down significantly as the entire job is divided into repetitive tasks using molding technology. The building actually has two skins, which hold technical devices like wiring, piping and insulation in between them. In fact, its fifteen millimeter exterior is even stronger than a twenty centimeter thick stone wall. Moreover, this abode is perfect if you want to live in marinas connected to the front beach.

The building also boasts of several green credentials. It is self sufficient in its energy needs and does not pollute the surroundings. The vacuum insulation between the two skins of the building helps to maintain temperature within and reduces dependence on air conditioners or heaters. The photo-electro-chemical cells (PECC) embedded in the skin provide power and also help in the operation of its propulsion system. These PECC’s actually absorb solar energy even in low light or cloudy conditions and convert it into electricity. In fact, they can also absorb energy from artificial lights, which aids in recycling energy and prevents its wastage. This eco friendly, energy efficient, spacious, posh and hi-tech Solar Floating Resort is a totally a divine indulgence for all oceangoing fanatics.

[Cheers Michele]

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