Liberation of Light, giving vent to your innermost thoughts

Emotions have a very unique way of expression. They not only let one describe the innermost feelings, but also let you bring out the best among themselves. Bringing about a change in the way one can express his/her feelings, Dutch designer Trieuvy Luu has come up with a new light application that will give vent to inexpressible feelings of the user.

Liberation of Light

Basing his concept on the expressions of light, he has brought forth feelings which could never be expressed otherwise. Especially designed for a reading group of aged women, the creative light inspires the participants to express their intimate sentiments. These women usually use the group as a medium to discuss books which they have read in the past.

Luu has leveraged this fact right into his idea. The women will be awarded a set of cards, each depicting certain mood and expression. This would further be placed on a strip, changing the light patterns as per the person’s mood. The product is bound to do justice to everyone who don’t find the right means to express their true feelings and emotions about a certain product. The whole idea once sees the day of light will bring a fresh ray of hope for all those who don’t find words to describe their innermost thoughts.

Via: TrieuvyLuu

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