Eliminate cigarette waste using disposable urns

Although making smoking is not something that should be encouraged, but for those who smoke it’s important not to litter cigarette butts on roadside, parking spots or any other place. The cigarette waste not only look untidy, but also has bad impact on environment. This is because cigarette butts takes almost 10 years to degrade, being made of cellulose acetate and that’s a matter of concern. But containers like cigarette waste receptacles can help in dealing with the problem. Using cigarette waste, various recycled products can be formed to maintain environmental sustainability.

Disposal of cigarette butts   

For disposing off cigarette butts, you can choose containers like cigarette waste receptacles that help in eliminating cigarette wastes from public areas. They come in smoke-friendly designs, allowing easy flicking of cigarette butts into the can. These disposal systems help in keeping the corners and sidewalks neat and clean, thereby reducing health problems and maintaining the property. Available in different shapes and sizes, you may know them by various different names.

Types of cigarette waste receptacles

The cigarette receptacles come in different forms, depending upon the design and material used. Some of them include the following.

Ash urns

Ash urns are made of gravel or sand, allowing smokers to throw the cigarette waste with no negative impact on environment. They serve as the best outdoor cigarette receptacles with a trash can below and an urn placed on the top.

Tube cigarette receptacles

Tubular cigarette receptacles are of different diameters and lengths. These receptacles come in freestanding designs or can also be mounted on the walls. These receptacles are made of metal that allow butts to extinguish on its own when disposed off.

Cigarette waste receptacles come in unique designs. Some have covered openings in order to give way to excess flow of water, while some are equipped with snuffer screens to prevent ashes from falling around. However, these receptacles are necessary to reduce overall littering rate.

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