Busan Opera House is an architectural marvel

Busan Opera House

One of the most important cities of Korea is Busan, and is also one of the largest ports. Architects from TASK have tried to blend three amazing concepts from the Korean style of living. They have tried to bring together human nature, life and abstractness in their proposed Busan Opera House, which will unfurl and all new paradigm in terms of designing.

Busan Opera House will help weave everlasting memories and will force visitors to slip in a state of awe. Its beauty will intoxicate senses and will give birth to moments worth carrying back. The overall structure, designed by the architects, looks quite impressive and consists of three exterior spaces, an exterior plaza and an entrance. The entrance space will let visitors walk on a path that will be nicely positioned under a vast cantilever. But, the most exciting portion is the exterior space that will let visitors dive in an isolated area. It also consists of a sky terrace, which will help connect with the magical surroundings and can be accessed from the exterior plaza in no time.

Basun Opera House will consist of three main halls. The first hall looks quite simple but has been digitally tweaked and crafted in a way that will fit perfectly with the project needs, which include acoustic designing. It will have a 2000 seat capacity, and its plain looks will be nothing like the extravagance that classic opera halls come coated with. The second hall comes injected with multipurpose traits and has a mechanized floor and numerous entrances. The third hall has an adjoining convention center and is a small area that can house 300 people. All the halls are positioned under one large space and will solve a variety of purposes. It also has 20 performer changing rooms and orchestra rehearsal halls. So, attend concerts or enjoy a hearty meal at the restaurant/cafeteria and make it an experience of a lifetime.

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