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Now your best companion (robodog) will take care of your eye’s Apple

by threeartadmin

“Come on boy, go get it” is what you say to your pooch when you want him to flex his mental and physical sinews. Generally this “it” is a bone or a ball or something of a kind. Well this time around, the object triggering your pet’s fancy is an “Apple.” Now you would be thinking that mutts don’t relish apples, yeah, but this one does. The robot dog utilizes Apple’s iPhone for its brain. So now you sophisticated pocket entertainment device brings to life a robotic companion you’d love.

Robot dog

Bandai’s new “SmartPet” will make you accomplish your desire to have a puppy without facing hassles of taking him for a walk, cleaning his poop, taking his care and even feeding him. To own this electronic dog you just need to have an iPhone, which will act as the brain of the SmartPet. Its moves will respond to your touchscreen gestures and it will be managed via a free application. Fully efficient in responding to around 100 facial expressions, you will be able to make your electronic pet make tricks by just moving in front of the Facetime camera or by voice commands.

The most interesting fact about the pet that will make you fall in love with it is that as it gets more emotionally attached to you it will learn more responses and would even dance and sing with other dogs making use of Bluetooth. Other than being present as a companion for fun and games, the SmartPet will also work as a handsfree phone as well as an alarm clock.

The company is all set to release these virtual pets by the end of April with the initial price tag of $78. You will get an option of choosing your pet either in white or in black. However, the app for iPhone, which may perhaps be used without the robot attachment, will be released on 31st march.

Via: Theverge

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