Self Balanced Serving Tray ensures spill proof and accident proof serving

There is always this hidden fear somewhere inside the heart pertaining to spilling food items or dropping crockery in case you lose balance while holding a serving tray. This may lead to added embarrassments and also cause damage. To keep all such situations at bay, Tolga Metin has designed the Self Balanced Serving Tray.

Self Balanced Servicing Tray

As is evident from the name, Self Balanced Serving Tray will make sure that the food serving experience is accident proof, spill proof and totally safe. The designer fetched heavy inspiration from the balance system used in race yachts and gyroscopic systems. Hence, a user can safely walk at a fast pace while serving without any potential fear of dropping or spilling things intact. It makes good use of the earth’s gravitational pull that is exploited while self balancing the tray. The designing is not only aesthetically appealing but ergonomic.

The amazing tray features a metal ball that is connected to conical shaped metal part, which is the salient feature of the design. This is the reason why the tray always stays perpendicular to the gravitational pull. The tray stays still as the two circular metal frames surrounding it keep spinning in x and y plane. When one has to place the tray on a table, simply fix the conical part (that can be rotated 180 degrees) to the handle.

Self Balanced Serving Tray has been dipped in modernism and solves an impending fear that is at the back of everyone’s mind while serving. It is a smart design and the unique property of self balancing is definitely worth praising.

Via: Techbriefs

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