Pitch for the Chicago Navy Pier by BIG architects in alliance with AECOM

The original Chicago Navy Pier designed by American architect Daniel Burnham is going through a complete overhaul for which several proposals have been invited. An extraordinary plan, among the five shortlisted designs, is the one from the American company AECOM and Danish firm BIG architects. The plan proposes to transform the current structure into a sprawling urban public space with an environmentally sustainable layout. The plan will basically elevate the pier to a higher altitude, which will give visitors a better view of the water front and the city’s skyline. The pier will be divided into six distinct zones, namely East End Park, Gateway Park, Pier Park, South Dock, Skyline Gardens and Crystal Garden. Here’s a brief overview of the proposed structure.

Chicago Navy Pier Proposal

East end park

From this lofty deck, visitors will get a better view of the enormous waterfront. In fact, they will be able to see as far as the horizon, the point at which the drifting tides meet the sky. To counter the ebb and flow in water levels, an entryway with steps will be constructed. This is a place where visitors can spend spare time. People will be able to enjoy a lazy brunch at the café cum restaurant and take in some sun or fresh air. Also, the seating area with treads, will be a place from where people can watch a 500 foot high water show organized by WET.

Crystal garden

The high point of this flowering space will be the pillars bearing vegetation. The vertical farm will produce harvest ethically using eco centric practices like creation of a suitable micro climate, irrigation using water cycle system and aquaponic nutrient techniques. The zone will accommodate a floating juice bar, which doles out food made using fresh produce sourced from within the garden. There will be walkways in the premises for people to saunter about and enjoy the flourishing view. A space that serves as an entertainment hub, gastronomic eatery, educational center and a farmland is truly an ingenious idea.

Skyline gardens

Akin to the title given, these lush gardens have been constructed at the rooftop of this structure. The gardens have been prettified with colorful patches of blossoms, decorative grassy sculptures, shrubbery sheared in designer patterns and geometric arrangements. You can get a panoramic view of the landscape from these lush gardens. Exorbitant flower shows will also be held here.

Pier park

This scenic site will definitely be the main attraction at the pier. The focal point of this plot will be the vast stretch of cascading stairs, which will enclose a giant wheel in the middle. These stairs will be a leisure spot for visitors and a popular zone for staging concerts. It will house a number of restaurants and dining terraces from where you can get a view of the city. Enjoy sunsets in summers and tobogganing on the snowy slides during the winter months. In the “life after dark” theme, the entire stretch will be lit up by renewable micro wind turbines on the roof.

This project is sustainable to the core. A space near the waterfront with an eco friendly design is unquestionably a spectacle. Wide promenades, lush vegetation, panoramic view, sprawling gardens and lively gigs in this zone will certainly set a benchmark.

Via: Designboom

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