10 modern beach homes to enjoy rich, healthy coastal life

Modern beach homes

We all love our home. The name home is given to the place where we live and a home is dependent on many factors including environment, politics, weather, economy, history, infrastructure, etc. We should choose our place to live after carefully considering important issues. It is not easy to make the living place into a home. One best home can be a beach home, which allows you to enjoy rich and healthy life.

Here is the list of 10 modern beach homes to enjoy rich, healthy coastal life.

1. Beachfront house in South California

Beachfront house in South California

Richard Meier and his partner Michael Palladino have designed this beachfront house in South California. The house has been designed for art collectors. Pacific Ocean is on the southern side of this house, while the highway is on the north. One the west of this 4,280-square-foot luxurious house is a well-decorated courtyard. The living room is open and it is in the open space. The courtyard has the opening for the public areas. The ceiling of the living room has double-height and the walls are made up of glass. South California has many beachfront houses but this house is definitely more sleek and stylish when compared to most of them.

2. The Truro Residence

The Truro Residence

Boston-based architects firm ZeroEnergy Design deserves the credit for designing the luxurious Truro Residence. This beautiful beachfront home has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. This 6,200 square foot home was completed in 200. Located in Truro, this building offers stunning views of Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts’ Provincetown. The building is Energy Star certified. The Truro Residence features a geothermal well and it is eco-friendly with a zero carbon footprint. A photovoltaic system is used to produce electricity. The home is divided into two sections; Living Bar and a Sleeping Bar. Bedrooms and bathrooms are present in the Sleeping Bar, while living and dining areas are in the Living Bar.

3. Guaruja House

Guaruja House

Brazil-based Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture has designed and created the Guaruja House. This beautiful and luxurious beachfront house is located on a hill and it offers a brilliant view of the ocean coast. This modern house is perfect for those who want to spend their vacation in an amazing house far from the maddening crowd. This pavilion-style house has a flat platform with five pillars to preserving the natural vegetation surrounding this house. The house has a large deck with an open entertaining area. The downward design of the interior of this house is very attractive. The house has two en suite bedrooms on the second level. Kitchen, service area, gym and four bedrooms are on the lower level.

4. Ultra Modern Beach House

Ultra Modern Beach House

Designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects of Australia, the Ultra Modern Beach House is located in Sydney. The main living level of the modern house is above nearby houses’ roofs. The house has a lap pool which is 19 meters long. The kitchen has brilliant glass work with contemporary and clean appearance. The house has modern barbecue bench and large deck. The house has spacious bedroom and the walls of the living room are made up of glass. The lower level has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

5. Raumati Modern Beach House

Raumati Modern Beach House

The credit for designing and creating Raumati Modern Beach House goes to Herriot + Melhuish Architecture. This beach house is equipped with modern facilities and it has a stylish and modern appearance. The house offers stunning views of the coast and this luxury house is not very huge. The Raumati beach house is a perfect beach house because it has a spacious open family room, outdoor shower, direct access to the beach and fireplace. The house is strong and durable.

6. Contemporary Beach House in Coastal Victoria

Contemporary Beach House in Coastal Victoria

Designed by Australia-based BKK Architects, The Beach House seems to be hugely inspired by the hugely popular Japanese paper art known as Origami. The house is not very wide but it is long and goes along the beach to a long distance. The designers have designed the rooms and spaces of this house in such a manner that they all face the ocean. Located along the coast in Victoria, this house was completed in 2010. Wood has been used in an exquisite manner to make the house look stylish and attractive.

7. Brazil Beach Home

Brazil Beach Home

Designed by Marcio Kogan Architects, the Brazil beach home is located in Rio de Janeiro. This beautifully designed house has a cottage-style feel perfect for comfortable and casual living. This house has two levels. A solid box makes up the first level with natural ventilation and lighting. Metal panels and wood are used in the second level. The house has ocean on one side and it is surrounded by trees from other sides.

8. Paraty House

Paraty House

Paraty House is a residential masterpiece designed and created by renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. The 57-year-old Brazilian has given a modern and stylish look to this beach house located on an island near Paraty near Rio de Janeiro. Kogan claims that the Paraty House is a favorite house for many. The design of the house is simple but stylish and innovative. Kogan has used wood, stone and natural vegetation to build this house.

9. T-Shaped Beach House Design

T-Shaped Beach House Design

Pete Bossley deserves credit for designing this beautiful T-Shaped Beach House. Located near Tatapouri Point in New Zealand, this beach house offers spectacular view of both ocean and the bay. This uniquely designed single story beach house is located on a hill. This house has won many architecture awards in New Zealand. The T-shaped plan of this house is characterized by two wings. The outdoor area is open and transparent but it is safe from ocean winds.

10. Modern Beach House by Bourne Blue

Modern Beach House by Bourne Blue

Bourne Blue Architecture has designed the Modern Beach House completed in 2010 by Sugar Creek Building Co. This 169 square meter house is worth $520,000. Located in New South Wales, Australia, this single-storey house has a decked courtyard. Each of the facades opens in the central c
ourtyard. The courtyard also has the entrances to the house. The external rooms of this house have hammocks and a dining table.

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