Seven strange DIY projects you shouldn’t try

bread box

DIY projects are a rage among the youth. The joy, the pride and the satisfaction that you receive after completing a DIY project is incomparable to anything else in this world. While some enjoy doing DIY projects that are simple and interesting, there are others who want to go for strange projects that may or may not be worth all the effort.

Whilst some enjoy the whole idea of making something new, whether it actually turns out to be a success or not, others just cannot bear the failure of a DIY project, that they have put their heart and soul into. Here are seven DIY projects you must never try if you get easily discouraged with the failure of your project.

1. NES Controller Cellphone Mod

Cellphone Mod

Still reminisce on your NES gaming years? Those gaming systems are past and you no longer get to see them on the new tech gadgets. Never lose heart. Take an old cell phone and recreate the Nintendo controller magic on your own terms. Take your NES controller and use an interchangeable face plate for tracing the phone buttons on it. Drill the holes, fix place the face plate along with the phone underneath it. It would be good to check before hand if the phone fits well into you NES case. Finally, you also need a hole for the microphone speaker. If not, you may use a tape around to seal the sides of the case. Do not forget to insert the sim card on the phone before sealing it with the tape. The NES controller cell phone Mod gadget is ready for use!

2. Tic Tac Flash Light

TicTac flashlight

Tic Tac boxes could be lying around all over your house or office cabin – as we all want to smell fresh all throughout the day. Why not light up the day and night as well with these boxes that come to your help when you have a particularly bad episode of halitosis? Take a Tic Tac box or borrow one from your peers. Find an old circuit board and a white LED. You will also require three batteries of AAA size. Put the batteries inside the Tic Tac Box and solder them in series. You can use a micro switch that can be got from old circuit boards for the on-off option. You also need a serial resistor which can be 27 ohm, for making a 3, 8 volt flash light.

3. Digital Picture Frame

digital picture frame

One need not go after those expensive digital frames displayed in tech shops anymore! They are very much DIY, and you can come up with your own signature style and play around with colors to add interest to the entire project. All you need is an old Micron Transport XKE laptop, which you will surely have lying around without use if you are a tech geek. Get an old or a new photo frame of your choice, preferably a big frame of at least 8 x 10 inches or one which can cover the entire laptop screen at the back of the frame. Remove the backing from the frame and place it in front of the laptop screen. There sits your beautiful digital screen with your beautiful family picture flashing by with perfection! Make an infrared remote control as well, if you have technical competence.

4. iPod Dock

iPod Dock

Got cardboard boxes all around your house or office? It’s time to put them to some good use. Recycled iPod docks can look better than an expensive dock that you wasted your precious dollars on. Take a medium sized cardboard box with sleek lines. Fit all your wires inside the box by putting a hole at the side and seal them with a scotch tape so that the outer case looks very neat and professional. Fix the iPod on the outside and the dock is now ready to serve you. You may add your own creative touch by adding finer details to the box, to go with the color scheme of your cabin.

5. Bread Box

bread box

Do you have an old printer lying in your attic? Well, hold on before you dispose them. Here’s a bread box with a touch of innovation and some bit of DIY creativity. Remove all the electronic parts from your printer and clear all the ink marks and cartridges to form a clean outer box. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly to remove all the ink and make it food safe. The bread box is ready for use. The printer latch can work as your door. This would be the coolest bread box in your neighborhood. If you want a bit of fun added, paint the outer box with appetizing images of breakfast delicacies and what not. Whoa!

6. Golf Club POV

Golf Club POV

A perfect club for your golf practice, this innovative Club, known as Golf Club POV, has LEDs that swing into action once you swing the club in the wrong angle. The LEDs flash the words ‘help’ if the back swing that you have done, is not perfect enough. Keep winging until the lights no longer point an accusatory finger at your golfing skills. A digital camera can capture the exact point where your swing goes wrong. For making a Golf Club POV, you need a golf club, blue LEDs with eight high output, 9V battery, UBLOC CB220 Proto-Board etc. The materials cost under 35 dollars.

7. Throwie Rat

Throwie Rat

For the ones who are experts in taxidermy and would want to create an innovative LED Throwie Rat, this comes as a great project. Firstly the rat, or a mouse will have to be stuffed as per your desire. You require two LED lights, an electrical tape, a battery, soldering gun and a wire. Make the necessary connections to make the LED lights workable. The rest as you see is all captured in camera for your eyes to feast on. Take a look at the red lights blinking to glory while you operate the taxidermy rat to perfection!

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