Bosco Verticale to become the world’s first vertical forest

Bosco Verticale to become the world’s first vertical forest

Bosco Verticale, designed by Stefano Boeri, is a 27 story structure, currently under construction, in Milan, Italy. The vertical tower, once completed, will become the world’s first vertical forest. The basic concept behind Bosco Verticale is that it conserves and produces energy. The tower is being built with a focus on balancing the climate in the building and filtering the dust particles which are in the city’s environment. This tower will…

  1. Produce humidity
  2. Absorb carbon dioxide and dust particles
  3. Produce oxygen
  4. Protect the building from radiation

The inspiration

The project Bosco Verticale ( also known as ‘ vertical forest ‘) is inspired by the fact that there is high degree of deforestation for commercial purposes and there is less open land left for planting trees. The project can be described as a means of reforestation that will contribute to the regeneration of the environment. It is a model focused upon vertically expanding the nature in a city. The flats in the tower will be available to the public and each flat will have a balcony where a tree will be planted.

This project will also help encourage biodiversity in the urban environment. It will be a ‘ home away from home ‘ for ecological biodiversity.

Where we are now

Currently the building of Bosco Verticale ( the vertical forest) is under construction in the city of Milan, Italy. Milan is one of the most polluted cities of Europe. Many other concepts which are inspired by the same thought – reforestation and enhancing the environmental conditions have already been completed before. ‘ Solid waves ‘ in Kazahkistan is another green concept complex built on similar lines.

Apart from Solid Waves, there is ‘ Yard-Scraper ‘ in Brooklyn which is an innovative way of redeveloping the Brooklyn’s house of detention. More examples include Center for Urban Agriculture and LA Tour Vivante.

What makes it stand out

  1. The Bosco Verticale design is the latest concept of promoting reforestation and enhancing environmental conditions. Though it is yet to be completed, it has got a lot many extra features when compared to other concepts which have been developed earlier.
  2. The following are some of the features which make Bosco Verticale stand out from the other concepts:
  3. The Bosco Verticale concept has declared to make the flats available to the public, that means, people will make houses in this building and will take care of its maintenance. Where as in the existing concepts, it is either a complex or a governmental center.
  4. The tower consists of 27 stories, which means, on flat land, the tower will equal, in terms of trees, an area of 10,000 square meter.
  5. Each flat in the building will have a balcony where a tree will be planted. These trees actually will become the rehabilitation centers for biodiversity, which will increase and preserve the biodiversity in urban environment.
  6. Bosco Verticale is going to be the world’s first vertical forest.

Where we go from here

The completion of Bosco Verticale project will have a dramatic positive impact on the city dwellers and the urban environment. Following are the things which will change and improve the urban environment and lives of city dwellers:

1. Increased humidity

The trees and shrubs grown on Bosco Verticale will help increase the humidity of the city. With the increased humidity, the heat in the city will decrease, and the urban environment will become much suitable for many other plants and animals to dwell in. With increased humidity, the habitation of diverse flora and fauna will go up.

2. Decreased carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is one of the green house gases. Which means with the increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the heat also increases. The trees and plants grown on Bosco Verticale, will help decrease this carbon dioxide as they use it up for photosynthesis. When the atmospheric carbon dioxide will decrease then naturally the maximum temperature of the city will decrease and the urban environment will flourish.

3. Decreased dust particles

In the urban environment, because of the high level of transportation and low level of forestation, the dust particles increase and remain present in the suspended form in the environment. These dust particles damage our eyes and internal immune system when we are exposed to them or inhale them through air. With the completion of Bosco Verticale, the plants and trees grown on them will help reduce these atmospheric dust particles to a certain extent. Though it can not promise a wide range of protection but the area closer to the tower can enjoy a decreased dust-particles environment.

4. Producing oxygen

Plants generally inhale carbon dioxide and exhale (or produce) oxygen. With the reforestation done on the tower of Bosco Verticale, there will be increase in the oxygen in the atmosphere. The urban environment is already polluted with harmful gases and pollutants. With the increase in the oxygen, we will be able to get some fresh air to breathe. Again, the project can not promise a wide range for this effect, but the areas near the building will be able to enjoy this.

5. Protection from radiation

The tall 27 storied Bosco Verticale will help protect the building dwellers and the building near to the tower from harmful radiations from the sun.

Related trends

1. Solid Waves

Solid Waves

Solid waves, built in Astana, Kazahkistan, is a three tower development – featuring a lot of green open space for commercial and public infrastructure. Solid waves is designed by Stefano Boeri Architects.

2. Brooklyn Yard-Scraper

The Yard-Scraper designed by Rogers Marvel Architects, is a redevelopment of the Brooklyn House of Detention. It is built in Brooklyn, New York city, USA.

3. Center for Urban Agriculture

Center for Urban Agriculture

The Center for Urban Agriculture or CUA, is a design based upon agricultural benefits. It features fields for planting various types of vegetables and grains, rooftop gardens etc. CUA is located in Seattle, USA.

4. LA Tour Vivante

LA Tour Vivante

The LA Tour Vivante is an energy efficient building featuring housing, offices, retail space and vertical farms. It is in Paris, France.

About the designer

Stefano Boeri is an architect behind Bosco Verticale, who was born in the year 1956. He has been the editor-in-chief of “Domus” and “Abitare” – both international magazines. He is the founder of multiplicity international research network, which is dedicated to the study of contemporary urban transformations.

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