The Pillow Safe

The one thing always by your side at night is your pillow and what if your pillow is equipped with a safe? The idea behind creating pillow safe is to provide safety and an easy access to your important articles. Keeping jewelry and other important documents in safe custody has always been a problem as one may have fear regarding theft etc. If you think of keeping these necessary items in safe lockers then, you lose the right of easy access and thus, takes time to get the articles when needed. To resolve this problem, pillow safes are developed where you can easily hide all the personal items including money, jewelry, passports, identifications etc.

Design description

The pillow safe is designed in a very simple manner. To one side of the pillow lies a small opening that provides passage to the hidden leather compartment and due to limited space inside, you need to place the storage items compactly with each other. The hidden compartment after allowing an easy and quick access to the articles closes down automatically. This becomes possible due to the powerful magnets secured inside the compartment.

Provides comfort and convenience

Before creating the pillow safe, comfort and convenience were kept at priority. The pillow safe has custom rolled poly fill that helps you sleep with full comfort and provides convenience like any other quality pillow without giving the slightest idea of something been hidden inside. The pillow safe is even convenient to wash as it has a cotton finish exterior that helps in retaining the original shape even after washing. Moreover, the inner compartment is so finely embedded that it neither tears out nor leaves any stains on washing.

The pillow safe resembles a normal pillow with an unseen compartment within to safely keep the important documents and articles including other valuables required during emergency.

Source : Amazon.Com

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