Strut shelving system

Strut shelving system is a design by Souda that includes three designer-Shaun Kasperbauer, Friedman-Heiman and Luft Tanaka. The designers have designed the strut shelving system keeping in mind modern as well as classic architecture. They have worked in a variety of designing fields that include home décor, furniture and lighting. Moreover, the goods used in creating the strut shelving system are highly refined and easily approachable. For this innovation, designers also got the 2014 NY Design Award and very soon, they will emerge as masters in contemporary design.

Product details

Strut shelving system

The strut shelving system derives inspiration from Manhattan Bridge and the techniques used in the completion of the design are similar to the aircraft carriers. The shelves are modernly designed that add charm to the interior and the flexible nature makes it easy to fix at the desired place. Moreover, you can customize the strut shelves according to your needs and preferences. They are available in plated and powder-coated options that are sure to form a good combination with any type of interior. You can put decorative or any other items of your choice comfortably on the shelf. Additionally, the Strut shelving system is good for residential as well as commercial purpose.


The strut shelf is available in two sizes i.e. 52 and 84 inches. The 52 inches shelf include two brackets whereas the other includes three brackets that come in red, brass, copper, light blue, light green and white color.  The brackets used in the shelves are 3 inches wide, 11.5 inches in width and have a height of 13 inches.

The strut shelving system is one of the smartest forms of contemporary design that give you the facility of customizing the product with respect to your needs. The shelves not only enhance your home décor but also add a modern and classical touch.

Source : Workof.Com

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