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The sustainable boathouse shifts your dwelling’s base to water

by threeartadmin

If you dream of having a boat for a house, then you would definitely fall in love with this royal Houseboat. Given the paucity of space plaguing our cities, people are beginning to move their abodes to water bodies now. The designer has crafted the house boat in a very beautiful way, lending the wooden house of water a very elegant view.


The solar panels fitted on the roof provide the interiors with a very comfortable ambiance, while the appliances are majorly powered with the derived solar energy. Furthering this, the slider panels on the side of the boat give way to panoramic view of the aquatic surroundings.

The ideal design of the boathouse is the way it can be customized according to the inhabitant’s needs, desires and comfort zones. The view will leave you stunned while you make your way into a very cozy, yet luxurious dwelling on water.

The houseboat has been designed on a boat’s base in order to provide it the necessary buoyancy while the exteriors have been bathed in subtle shades. The whole idea is magnificent, keeping in mind how the mind of a traveler can change at any moment. After all, the concept does specify that the whole layout has been viewed and customized for a person who likes to be on the move all the time. Bring out the nomad and you and see how the sailor sets your soul free.

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