Shreepati Gardens: A one of a kind residential tower planned for India

Architect Reza Kabul has come up with one of the most unusual residential towers for Mumbai, India, dubbed the Shreepati Gardens. These towers might not be the tallest in the world but will surely be the one of the most eye catching. They match to vastu design and mark a number of sky decks and sky bridges linking the towers.

Shreepati Garden

Shreepati Garden consists of four residential towers, having sixty three floors each. These extraordinary towers are 400 m high covering a vast area of 4,800,000 square feet. The shape of this tower is so diverse that it will be highly recognized in the metropolitan environment of Parel. The four towers are interrelated to each other as if working together to create an ever-changing image that can be made out from all the different localities of the city around them. The formation of the building is designed in core construction. It has two slim buildings having two different sides, which carve up into a central hub. The rest of the building comprises of a steel structure that droops out from the center heart of the building. The location of the building is also significant in its own way, as it gives its customers a splendid sea view on both sides of the towers as they climb up the building. The two central towers stretch up to the sky and are a hundred storeys high. These towers are fastened by a sky bridge, where various public functions can be held. A sky deck is designed at 400m and a swimming pool at about 300m above the ground level. All the four towers curve at the center which in turn would resist gravity.

The individuality of each tower creates a new charisma, which penetrates the skyline with an influential outstanding shape. This project with its exclusive design represents the audacity of the entire plan and signifies its modern vision and innovation.

Via: World Architecture News

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