Peculiar yet lively houses that can mesmerize you

A house is the biggest asset and holds a very sacred place in our lives. Everyone dreams of a lovely house full of all the facilities and comfort where they would spend some really memorable and lovely moments with family. For some, their entire life revolves around their treasured shelter.Well you might have seen different types of houses from big to small, to extremely luxurious. But the houses in this list will surprise you with their unique design and astonishing interiors. Here are the five most remarkable houses in the world.

The Breathtaking Shell House

The Breathtaking Shell House

This utterly astonishing shell house is designed by Architectura Organica and resembles one of the most beautiful shells that you find lying on the sides of the sea. This house could be more rightly referred to as a mini wonderland all thanks to its amazing collages and organically designed rooms that merge beautifully. The design is so magnificent that it could be easily mistaken as a forged picture.

The Tree House from Baumraum

The Tree House from Baumraum

We have always been fascinated by the thought of living inside a tree house. But no other tree house in the entire world could be as beautiful as this one designed by Baumraum, a group of modern tree house makers. The group is known for their extreme creativity to design complex tree houses that are modern, independent and completely sustainable. Plus, you can actually use them to live.

The Desert House in Australia

The Desert House in Australia

Australia’s desert house designed by Undercurrent is a beautiful example of how trees can be a source of inspiration for modern day house making. The house has really unique and eye catching architecture where the roof panels in the shape of leaves give an entirely unique look and connects the house to the lush green plantation around it.

rock house by John Lautner

The amazing rock house by John Lautner

No it is not a house made of rocks, it is about the extremely creative use of rocks to add life to the living area of a house. This outstanding house is the creation of architect John Lautner who is known for his unconventional construction style that leads to construction of buildings that have become parts of famous movies and popular culture references.

Designer McBrides Charles Ryan _2

The Klein Bottle House

Designer McBrides Charles Ryan is the proud creator of this magically designed house which resembles the pieces of a puzzle. Both the exterior and the interior of the house are designed keeping in mind the piecemeal approach and this gives the house a complete killer look.


Big or small, basic or luxurious, every person loves his house, his shelter. Though each house is special in its own way, the ones mentioned above will pleasantly surprise you with their looks and aesthetics.

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