Nardini Grappa Distillery unfurls a sublime experience

Architectural forms are being given an overhaul, which envelops the construction with attention grabbing traits while spreading freshness in terms of designing. A glimpse at the Nardini Grappa Distillery or Bolle as it is fondly referred as, and one is bound to whiff wows in exhilaration and applaud for the design created by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. The distillery in Italy manages to leave a very strong first impression and is nothing less than a piece of art.

Nardini Grappa Distillery 'Bolle'

The basic design of Bolle comprises of two very large discs that give an impression as if inflated and are floating over a pool of water. But, these ellipsoid bubbles have been fashioned out of steel and have been enveloped with glass, which further gets the much required support from the stilts they stand on. These floating volumes will serve as research center laboratories. Intersecting paths are formed over the pool, which lets visitors leisurely walk all around and enjoy the views created. Water in this case will actually guide visitors and help them reach various spots in the complex, which is quite interesting.

It also comprise of an auditorium below, which can seat 100 people and can be accessed via a descending ramp. This design makes it look like natural canyon, adding to the distillery’s prettiness. Both the auditorium and laboratories have been fashioned out using different materials. While the submerged part or the auditorium uses solid and heavy materials, the laboratories have a transparent and airy feel attached to it. The surface of Nardini Grappa Distillery gets illuminated by the presence of underwater lights, which gives birth to a mesmerizing effect as the grounds sparkle in a magical way.

Via: ArcDaily

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