Move over ding dong bell, the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell makes answering the door fun

Just like the “ring ring” call of the old telephone has been replaced by mp3 ringtones, the old “ding dong” of the doorbell too should be replaced by a custom mp3 audio file or a polyphonic tone. The MP3 DJ Doorbell lets users customize the boring old doorbell with funky new sounds as well as beloved songs in mp3 format. Super easy to install, the wireless music doorbell is completely customizable with a speaker unit that can be mounted anywhere in the home and a doorbell unit that can be attached to the main door with double sided tape.

MP3 DJ Doorbell

As the two units operate completely wirelessly, they can be positioned as far as 100 meters away from each other. Both the units are battery powered and can be operated on reachable batteries to make them more eco-friendly. Depending on the frequency of visitors you get your door, you can fill a 2GB SD card with 600 of your favorite songs and if you like more variety, you can even store up to 10,00 songs on a 32GB card for use with the doorbell.

Since the speaker unit can be easily connected to the computer via a USB cable, you don’t need to find an additional SD card reader to transfer files to and from the unit. The software bundled with the product allows you to customize the mp3 files to be played at a certain point when the doorbell is pressed so you don’t have to edit the songs before storing them in the card. The mp3 player like controls of the speaker unit allows the unit to be used as a portable mp3 player as well.

Source: Swann

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