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Kettei prosthetic leg socket lets physically impaired participate in triathlons

by threeartadmin

Nothing pushes the limits of human endurance quite like the rigors of a triathlon. Though disabled athletes have made their mark on the competition, they really do not have access to prosthetics that allow them to compete on the same level as their able bodies competitors. However, prosthetics and noninvasive orthopedics developed by Icelandic company Ossur (who famously produced the Cheetah Leg used by South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius AKA the Blade Runner) have inspired other companies and designers into creating prosthetics specifically designed for athletic performance. The Kettei Prosthetic Leg Socket for triathletes by designer Kevin Helm is one such product that specifically responds to the needs of disabled athletes participating in triathlons.

KETTEI prosthetic leg

Made to be used for a given portion of the race, the Kettei Prosthetic Leg Socket has the ability to be changed out when the athlete is entering another section of the race to allow them to perform optimally in all segments. Particularly designed to be used in the race and biking portions of such competitions, the removable leg can be easily detached during the swim part of the event since most experts believe that having the leg on during the swim has no extra advantage and rather exerts an unnecessary weight underwater.

With an inner bladder system, the Kettei Prosthetic Leg Socket can be adjusted to best fit the athlete’s leg. The design also eliminates moisture buildup and the socket system allows users to save the legs for portions of the race they need it for the most.

Source: Kevin Helm Design

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