PierESCAPE, a contemporary destination with historic lineage

In order to protect Lake Michigan and promote economic growth, Martha Schwartz Partners and Davis Brody Bond of Aedas architects have come up with the PierESCAPE. The construction will prove to be a great recreational spot for the people of Chicago and also attract a lot of tourists from all over. PierESCAPE will perfectly integrate with the nearby buildings, both existing and proposed.


The Centennial Vision re-imagines Navy Pier as it nears its 100th anniversary in the year 2016. But, PierESCAPE will rise above the vision and strengthen the bond that exists between city, nature, water, land, infrastructure, civic space and even culture. It will unfurl a mystic waterfront experience, which swap it into a contemporary and historic place. The superlative landscape will serve culture, recreation, ecology and entertainment on single platter. This will not only create an environment that is exhilarating and stirring, but also sustainable.

Visitors will be welcomed to Navy pier by the Wetland Garden, Bus Plaza and Gateway Plaza. South Dock, also known as, the Porch results in a centralized public space that is spread all through the length of the Pier. It will take care of a large number of programs and activities, which will pull visitors towards PierESCAPE. The pedestrian walkway will be brightened up by the presence of “lightowers” when dusk sets in. These lightowers are stainless steel channel, which are lean and finely impersonate the skyline of Chicago. Different forms of interactive spaces will surface as visitors move through the entrance of the Wetland Stream. These arresting open spaces will celebrate the spectacular natural conditions that exist because of Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

The lakefront has been given a clearly open and free appearance as the wall of boats is eliminated and repositioned into specific docking areas. The passageway that faces the south oversees the floating gardens, which create a visible union between the surroundings and the overall infrastructure. The Pier Park is equally interesting and can be accessed via a grand staircase. It comprises of a variety of rides, outdoor spaces and theaters, to name a few. The area is simply meant for dealing interactive activities that are fun and will leave visitors rejuvenated.

If you are in a mood to soothe those frazzled nerves, then the East Edge Park will make sure it kills all the stress. It has a public spa that will let you take a plunge in the lake, irrespective of the day or season. Walk down the deck steps, made out of wood, and slip into a blissful state. The water will create a space for ice skating during colder seasons and will lend the coolness of a park when the weather gets hot. PierESCAPE is truly unique and will let people interact with its surroundings, while generating spectacular views.

Via: Archdaily

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