Introduction to design thinking

Design thinking is growing in popularity and is one of the most popular buzzwords in the design world. What is design thinking? The answer to this question is indeed the best way to begin the discussion about the concept of the same. The term design thinking refers to the processes and methods that are utilized to investigate the wrongly defined problems, analyzing knowledge and gathering information and then updating the solutions found in the design world. Design thinking can be addressed as a user centered approach, a deductive and inductive reasoning which is brought together with group collaboration.

There are indeed many ways in which one can practice design thinking. The descriptions of the term might also vary as per he conditions. Design thinking is actually a more creative method than the traditional ones. Let us move forth to the part where we talk about the different properties of the design thinking.


Properties of design thinking

There are many properties or attributes of design thinking that you need to be aware of if you want to grasp the concept of the term in a complete manner.

  • Constructive is one of the most important attributes of design thinking which means to make new ideas which are based on the old ones and are made with a view to be successful.


  • Curiosity is the second essential attribute which is required in order to come up with innovative ideas. Curiosity encourages looking up for things you do not know or understand.
  • Open mindset is the third one on the list of properties and this one too holds a lot of importance. Design thinking is an approach which can be used in any field and since it is a creative approach therefore an open mind is needed to understand.
  • Empathy is the next attribute which is needed in order to understand and grasp the point of view of the customer and design an idea accordingly.
  • Ambiguity is also one of the required attributes of design thinking as it means to be comfortable about the things that remain unclear.
  • Non judgmental is one of the most crucial ones as sometimes the creative minds attract judgments from people which are a strict no when it comes to design thinking.

The characteristics of design thinkers

Now that we have understood the various attributes of this concept then it is time for discussing the different features that must be present in the design thinkers.


  • The design thinkers must maintain their focus on human values so that they can understand what they want and work accordingly.
  • There can be complex situations in the world of design but it is the work of the design thinkers to add clarity to the already complex situations.
  • Experimentation is very much parts of design thinking as if you want to get hold of new and innovative ideas then you need to experiment.
  • Design thinking encourages collaboration of professionals belonging to different disciplines and the same must be followed by the design thinkers.

These were some of the required features of a good design thinker. Design thinking is one of the fastest growing trends that you will notice in the design sector. This New Year as predicted by the experts will see a lot of development in the design thinking and businesses will adopt this approach to understand their customers and gain many more. The process of design thinking involves a lot of processes and they are used as per the situation. Overall design thinking sure has a lot of scope.

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